DC – Chapter 25

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A Bloody Massacre


That figure belongs to Xuan Yuan Yu.


He is wearing a black casual robe.  Amidst the flickering candle light, that black silhouette of his gives off an entirely luxurious and mysterious feeling.  He makes his way next to the bed.  Underneath that thick quilt, other than a few strands of black hair, Xi Yan’s entire body remains hidden from his eyes.


The entire hall is warm like spring, but his heart has ceased from being warm ever since that year.


He takes the quilt and gently puts it away, revealing her pale face underneath it.  Her face is really beautiful; and Xiang Qinwang, Nalan Jing De was clearly unwilling to let the news of her beauty travels outside.  He managed to hide her so well.  But, Nalan Jing De would have never thought that his scheme to hide her had a flaw.  No matter how wise one is, they cannot avoid mistakes.  Even him.


Thinking of that, he retrieves his hand.  When he does that, he finally notices the red spots marking Xi Yan’s jade-like face.  Those red rashes are everywhere, marring that originally gorgeous face.


She groans under her breath, burying her face underneath the quilt.  He can’t help himself from outstretching his hand once again.  He pulls the quilt away and traces her cheeks using his fingertips without thinking.


It feels soft and smooth.  In that room, other than the scent of incense, another kind of fragrance floats in the air.  It feels light and airy; it enters his heart.


He has no idea what kind of fragrance this is.  But the pressure he has these past few days regarding Jin Zhen Clan’s invasion is gradually relieved.  But that comfort only lasts for a moment; a second later, he retrieves his hand.


The entire hall is quiet, but his heart isn’t.


Just as his hand move towards the golden belt embroidered with flying dragon, he hears her mumble in her sleep.  His hand freezes.


“Don’t want….. to enter….. the palace…… but…. no other choice…..”  Her words are erratic, almost inaudible.  Because of what she says, he cannot bear to be ruthless in the end.


He frowns.  There is a bead of tear hanging at the corner of her eye.  It stays there and never falls.


This scene overlaps with a scene from his memory.  Grief and ache flashes in his eyes.


Back then, during that stormy night, she too wept to him while saying: “Chenqie does not want to enter the palace….. but…. chenqie has no other choice but to.”


The night was heavy back then, there was not a single star in sight.


She had never said anything prior to that, only at the end of her life did she finally said those words.


He was helpless.  So, she did not enter the palace on her own free will.  Turns out—–


By then, everything was too late.


He lost her.  He truly lost her.  The last thing she said to him was : “Chenqie is tired….. really, really——“  The rest of the words remains unheard.


He is at the highest and most esteemed position, but he lost the one thing he should have grasped from the start: love.


The rest?  No matter how brilliant everything is, they are nothing but wasted years.  They are just like meteor showers, bright and colourful but only for that moment; they have no lasting impact at all.


Her beautiful face and her clear smile are things he cannot forget no matter how long it has been.


He closes his eyes in sorrow.  Only when he reminisces about her will his heart turns soft.  When he doesn’t, he is just a cold-blooded and calculative emperor.


He suddenly turns around, no longer looking at the sleeping Xi Yan.  Step by step, he leaves the hall.  Just as he walk past the door, he can hear Eunuch Li asking, “Your Majesty, are we to go to Li Hua Palace?”


He nods.  He wants to go to Li Hua Palace.  Why shouldn’t he be allowed to deceive himself?


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