DC – Chapter 24

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Bloody Massacre


“Your Ladyship!” As she says that, Li Qiu can no longer stay calm.


Once Xi Yan finishes vomiting, Yan Er help her rinse her mouth.  After she cleans her mouth, she lies back on her bed.


“Yan Er, where did this tonic come from?” Li Qiu asks as she place a brocade pillow on Xi Yan’s back.


“It has nothing to do with her.” Xi Yan’s voice is low.  “Bring the prescription here.”


“Yes,” Yan Er answers as she trembles.  She hurriedly takes out the case that the imperial physician prescribes and hands it over to Xi Yan.  “This is Physician Feng’s prescription.”


Xi Yan opens the case and slowly inspects them. “As expected, there is jinggai.  I am allergic to them ever since I was little.”


“Yan Er, go and call the physician.  We need to change the prescription.”  Li Qiu quickly instructs her.


“No need,” Xi Yan stops them.  “All medicines for cold have them.  Just bring me quilts as thick as two mattresses.  I will shrouds myself in it.  I should be fine soon.”


Xi Yan did not address herself as bengong and Li Qiu has no heart to remind her.


“Your Ladyship—-“  Li Qiu still wants to speak out but Xi Yan already covers herself in the quilt; closes her eyes and no longer speaks.


Her body feels really uncomfortable and tired.  It is already late, it will be too much of a fuss if they calls the physician.  She just wants to rest.  They wouldn’t be able to change the prescription anyway.


Her body has always been frail ever since she was little.  She always got infected with cold, and would throw up every time they fed her medicine.  After that, rashes will form in her face.  The manor’s doctor weren’t able to find the reason for her sickness, so everytime she fell sick, they curbed it using one method, sweating it out.


When she was six, a famous doctor visited Tan Xun City.  Her father invited him to the manor and after examining her, the doctor concluded that she is allergic to jinggaiJinggai is the most common herb used to combat cold.


After that, that famous doctor prescribed her with some kind of ancestral cream.  Ever since then, her health gradually turns better.  Now that she thinks about it, this is the first time she has ever gotten sick ever since she was six.  If she hadn’t been stubborn and wasn’t adamant to go to She Peak, this probably would not happen.


Everything happens because of her own action, why must she trouble others?


As she thinks of that, Li Qiu and Yan Er brings two-mattresses thick quilts and covers her with it.  After that, they add a few more coals to the heater inside the room.


The hall is warm like spring.  Her body still cannot release any sweat.  She burrows her head into the quilt and says, “All of you can retreat first.  I will call for you if I need anything.”


“Yes.”  Li Qiu carries the water basin and quickly retreats.  No matter what, the mistress’ order must be followed.


Once the door is shut, silence fills the entire chamber.


Xi Yan curls up underneath the quilt, a cold sensation bursting in her body.  She uses her energy to covers herself inside the quilt and yet the air still feels cold like ice.  Her face itches but she must never scratch them.  Her mother once told her that scratching them will ruin her face.  She did not really put much importance in her appearance, but she also knows that a ruined face is the worst thing that can happen to a woman.


She once witnessed the deplorable situation that a woman with a ruined appearance faced.


It is really itchy.  It is so cold as well.  She forces herself to ignores it.  Once morning comes, her illness should curb a little. But, the dripping sound of the water clock isn’t fast or slow, seems like morning will not come anytime soon.


As her mind begins to feel blurry and the coldness in her body gradually turns to warmth, she slowly falls asleep.


The door of her chamber is suddenly opened before a silhouette slowly steps into the room.  In the dim flickers of the candles, what can only be seen from the other side of the white veil is a little body, quietly curling up underneath her quilt.


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