DC – Chapter 23

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Bloody Massacre


Li Qiu returns to her mistress’ chamber by 7pm.


Inside the hall, the smell of incense calm her messy mind.  After all, she just witnessed a bloodbath.


Xi Yan is sleeping on a long couch, her face that was pale is now abnormally flushed.  Li Qiu knows this is because of her fever.


After she enters, a maid that was originally in front of the couch quickly gets up while holding a towel in her hand.  This maid is called Yan Er, one of the two maids the Shang Gong Department dispatched this evening.


When the shanggong of the Shanggong Department came earlier, he was really fearful and scared that it might implicate him next.  After carefully choosing people, he only chose two.  Lucky Mo Zhu only wanted two as well.


Actually, if there really is someone intending to instigate people in the palace, changing maids is useless.


Just like today, even when they were planked to death, none of them admits to have ever touched their mistress’ shoe.


Inside the back palace, there are things more important than your life that you can achieve only by sacrificing your own life.


She has seen a lot of these cases these past few years.  But she didn’t think that Zui Fei who has only entered the palace would experience this thing today.


Changing maids, killing servants, these are only warning.  At the end of the day, a warning is just that; a warning.


“You go and take the medicine over.”  Li Qiu sighs and takes the towel from Yan Er’s hand.


“Yes,” Yan Er answers in a low voice.  She turns her head around and look at Xi Yan, “Her Ladyship’s fever won’t die down.”


“Go.” Li Qiu feels the cotton towel, it is not cold.  In fact, it is as warm as this room that is being heated by a stove. Just this warmth carries a little touch of hotness in it.


Yan Er bows and walks out of the hall while she heads over next to the couch.  She place the towel inside a basin full of melted snow, wrings it dry and place it on Xi Yan’s forehead.  Xi Yan makes a low sound as her eyes opens.


“Your Ladyship, you are awake?” Li Qiu gently asks.  The towel in her hand is very cold.  The Imperial Physician told them that melted snow is a lot better than water from the well.  It might be a little troublesome, but it can be pretty effective.


“En.” Xi Yan lethargically answers her before closing her eyes once again.  Li Qiu change the towel on her forehead with the one in her hand.  She touches it and it feels really warm.


Ever since she got back from She Peak, she has been suffering from fever.  She slept for half a day until night time and indeed; she ends up suffering from fever.  Her temperature gets higher and higher.


Just as she thinks of that, a footstep comes from the door.  Yan Er carries a tray and slowly walks inside.  Li Qiu picks up the bowl from the tray and test it’s warmth with her hand.  After that, she tests it with a silver needle and says, “Your Ladyship, drink this medicine first before you rest.  The physician said you must drink this hot to get rid of the coldness in your body.”


Xi Yan’s eyes opens once again.  She stares at the bowl of medicine while frowning.  “Your Ladyship, the farewell dinner for Princess Feng Xiang and the Ye Emperor is in 8 days.  You are the only consort who can accompany the emperor, so your body have to heal quick ah.”


This piece of news came from Mo Zhu today, there were normally few banquets in the palace.  And it is an honor for a consort to accompany the emperor to a banquet.


But this honor brings a completely different feeling in Xi Yan’s heart.


Princess Feng Xiang.


Bitterness rises in Xi Yan’s heart.


She is not afraid of the medicine’s bitterness.  Just——


Never mind.


She does not wish to think too much.  Yan Er puts down her tray to help Xi Yan.


Xi Yan holds Li Qiu’s hand and slowly drinks the medicine in a couple of take.  Her eyebrows twist even more with every takes.


Yan Er is busy wiping the medicine stain on Xi Yan’s lips with a handkerchief.  Xi Yan quickly takes the handkerchief from her hand and press it on her lips.  And then, after a sound, the medicine she drank just now is vomited out.


Yan Er panics, “Your Ladyship, are you alright?”


Li Qiu is also nervous, she uses her hand to pat Xi Yan’s back.  Xi Yan can’t stop vomiting, after a while, not only the medicine, she even throw up her bile liquid.


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