Beloved Empress

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Chinese Novel


Historical, Romance


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She stupidly loved him.  Because of him, she became arrogant, overbearing, jealous and crazy.   He refused to even glance her way.  After two years of marriage, he did not favor her even once.  She became the joke of the world.
In the end, she died after she was caught having an affair. The moment she reopened her eyes, she became a brand new person. Since she was the empress, she decided to be a virtuous and generous one, completely different from who she was in the past.   She began her new life as the virtuous empress of the back palace. She took the initiative to search for beauties on behalf of the emperor and sent them to serve him at night.  She started teaching the other concubines how to dress attractively, with the phoenix seal as a reward.  Whoever satisfy the emperor on the dragon bed would get a chance to get their hands on the phoenix seal and sits on the empress’ seat.
(TN:  The phoenix seal is the empress’ official seal.  The dragon bed refers to the emperor’s bed.)
The emperor ought to be satisfied with how virtuous she was.   Who would’ve known that the emperor would be so ungrateful?  He not only reprimanded her, he also opposed her in everything she did.  The beauties she sent for him actually got kicked out!
Since he didn’t like beauties, he ought to had a special preference.
And so, she sent beautiful men to him.  All kinds of beautiful men were there; some were powerful and some were cute.   But in the end, they too got kicked out.
In the end, the empress accidentally committed suicide by storming into the emperor’s palace, “Your Majesty, do you have a hidden illness somewhere?  If you do, rest assured and share them with chenqie.  Chenqie will find someone to secretly treat you.”  See how virtuous she is?  She was about to be moved to tears by her own kindness.
(TN: Chenqie is the way the empress and consorts address themselves in front of the emperor.)
“Hidden illness?” His Majesty raised his sword-like brows.  His eyes gradually turned dangerous as he slowly approached her, “The empress will serve, tonight.”
“What?” Mo Qi Qi then proceed to accidentally jabbed the hornet’s nest.
“Ah!” A pained voice could be heard.
Mo Qi Qi looked at the emperor in worry, “Your Majesty, are you okay?”
The emperor spoke with a pained expression, “Go and get imperial physicians.”
“Chenqie was right!  You do have a hidden disease!”


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  1. heyyy hai. i am glad i found this website . it has all good novels transalated. keep up the good work. 🙂 thanks a lot


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