Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 22


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Chapter 22

Playing Tricks on Consort Liu


While Feng Tian Qing is in a bad mood after failing to find a certain person, Lan Qin Yu is already butting heads with other people.


“Move over!  Don’t block my way!”


“Preposterous, which vulgar servant is this? How dare you act so impetuous in front of bengong?” a lady wearing a gorgeous clothes points at the arrogant person in front of her while trembling in anger.


She has lived in the palace for so long, never before had she seen a servant who dares to utter such disrespectful words to her.  The girl in front of her is wearing such common clothes, her outfit is a little prettier than other maids, but it also does not indicate any outstanding status.  She actually dares to compete with her!  She is angered to death!


“Vulgar servant?  Bengong?  Why don’t you take a good look at your own virtues in the mirror~”  She originally wanted to tell her to take a piss and do some self-reflection (TN: 撒泡尿照照, a rude way to tell someone to make a self evaluation), but she decided to give her face.


What is the outfit the woman wears called?  If you say she’s wearing bright clothes, it’s bright to the point it can’t be any brighter.  So colorful it is not elegant at all!  In fact it was crass to death!  Beauty?  She has no idea how that woman originally looks, but after finished putting on her make up, her face looks like a ghost, to put it simple.  Even a ghost will be frightened if they bumped into her.


“You— You— You—“ that woman is too angry to speak and can only repeats that.


Xiu Er who is beside her tells her that the woman is the eldest prince’s concubine, Consort Liu.


If it’s the eldest prince, then isn’t it Feng Tian Qing’s older brother?  This is his sister in law?  Vomit.  What kind of beauty standard is this?  They actually made such an aesthetically unpleasing woman a consort?  Those silks and rouge are wasted on her.  They must have been first-class goods ah!   Such a waste!  Lan Qin Yu eyes Consort Liu and shakes her head.


“Do you know who I am!  I am the eldest prince’s consort!  You actually dare to be so rude to me!” Consort Liu says as she place her hand on her waist that is like a teapot.  The servants seeing their mistress getting red-eyed, immediately vouch their support.  “True!  Our Consort Liu is the eldest prince’s beloved consort.  You people actually dared to be so presumptuous?  Be careful for your heads!”


Xiu Er and Zi Er pulls on Qin Yu’s sleeves, discouraging her from challenging Consort Liu.  Nothing good will come out of it.  But who is she?  She is Lan Qin Yu ah!  She hates arrogant and imperious people like this the most, how can she not fight her?


“The eldest prince?  Beloved consort?  Is that such a great thing?   To say it simply, you are just a little concubine.  How arrogant can you be for someone who came from a side-room~” Lan Qin Yu side eye Consort Liu while leisurely eating jadefruit that was just bestowed by the empress.  That little fruit is really delicious, it’s size is more or less similar to a cherry fruit, but without seed.  It sweet and sour and juicy.  There was no such fruit in her original place.


Consort Liu sees Qin Yu taking the fruit from Xiu Er and look at her with her eyes wide open.  “You wretched servant!  Where did you steal this from?  Other than the emperor and empress, only the princes can eat this valuable tribute!  You—-“ even she has not tasted them, that maid actually has a whole plate!


Even the maids around Consort Yu eyes them in envy.  Lan Qin Yu not only eats them to her heart’s content, she will also time to time feed them to Xiu Er and Zi Er.  She deliberately did that after hearing Consort Yu’s words.  The maids cannot bear to see Zi Er and Xiu Er who are in the same position as them getting to eat such fine delicacy, so in the end, they try to steal it away.


Pa Pa.  The sound echoes, before the two maids who tried to steal it over even knows what was happening, their faces already stings.  Before long, red handprint appears on their cheeks.



Translator’s Note: What is her problem?  :O  She courted the trouble herself.  Meanwhile Xia Hou Shang Yue over there got dissed over teacups and chicken porridge TT





  1. Hahahaha too funny show her who is boss and have a higher position 😋😋😋😋😋

    Thank you for the translation cannot wait for next chapter!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 🎄🎄🎄🎊🎊🎊


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