Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Take Me to the Banquet


Feng Tian Qing noticed her sour expression and do something he rarely did; explain.


“My medallion has never been used by other people.  If you use it without authorization, you will be considered as an assassin and will be seized.”


There is such a thing?  Then why didn’t he say so earlier instead of reacting like that.  The way he speak earlier was so hostile, the more Lan Qin Yu think, the angrier she got.  Being in the same room as him like this wouldn’t do.  She turns around and leaves.


This lady also has a back-bone, getting yelled at by you like that, do you think I will just stand there like an idiot?


“Weren’t you asking to go to the big hall with me?” she can hear him asking from behind.  Qin Yu is too lazy to pay him any heed.  You want to act as though nothing has happened after you vent your anger on me?  Dream on!  (Seems to have forgotten that she too was to blame for taking the medallion without permission.)


“Don’t have to trouble you.  I’ll go by myself!”


Feng Tian Qing grab Lan Qin Yu who by then had reaches the door and says, “I was talking without thinking just now, I am sorry.  Alright?”


Even though Feng Tian Qing’s mouth says that, deep inside, he is actually confused.  Since when did he start speaking so humbly to other people?


“Does apologizing makes everything okay?  Things are not that easy!”  You provoked this lady, the price to pay is big!


“Then what do you want me to do?”


“Give me a medal that will grant me enough freedom to go in and out of the imperial palace, or if not, a position that allows me to!”


“Why do you want a medal that allows you entry and exit?”


“I’ve told you on the first day, I have never been on an imperial palace.  Now that I have the chance to, of course I’d want to utilize it to the fullest!  You also said that the imperial palace is not a place anyone could just walk about, so with that medal, I can go around as I wish!”


Besides, if she no longer lives in the palace in the future, such a medal would be so handy, especially in the society.  In historical dramas, aren’t the people from the palace the most common and the ones people are jealous of the most?  As long as she flash the shiny gold piece, wouldn’t everyone be frightened by her?  It would feel so awesome!


Feng Tian Qing ponders for a while, so it is like that.   Because he is the prince, he never has to bother about little things like that.  He forgot that her who was born from ordinary background did not possess the same privilege.


“I will help you solve this problem after the banquet.”


“That’s great, then.”


“So, are you willing to go with me now?” Feng Tian Qing finds it weirder the more he thinks.  From the way he speaks right now, it seems like it is him who is begging that girl to accompany him.   He did not notice when their position changed.


“Of course!”


Feng Tian Qing ordered Xiao De Zi to bring Qin Yu a new set of clothes, one that is obviously more extravagant than the one she is currently wearing.  After all, this is the palace’s banquet.  How can she wear clothes that she wore on normal day?  Even Feng Tian Qing has to go back to change his clothes.


At that moment, she did not realize that the outfit Feng Tian Qing gave her was a phoenix clothes that could only be worn by the prince’s wives.  This banquet can only be attended by the princes and their wives as well as a couple of high-ranked people after all.   Her knowing all that will be a later story.


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