Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Troubled Heart, Chaotic Mind

The empress is a very impatient person, if you say wind she will say rain, after she finished saying that, she adds, “No, I should not wait for tomorrow.  I will speak to the emperor now!”

“Wait, empress, no need to be this rushed!”

“How can I not rush?”  Qing Er has passed 20, even the commoners would have children at his age!  He is a royal prince, the future crown prince, and even the future emperor!  He still hasn’t appoint a consort!

It is not easy for him to finally take a liking on a girl, she as the Imperial Mother should get everything ready for him!  The night is long and dreams are many (TN: 夜长梦多 (ye zhang meng duo) = the night is long and the dreams are many; a lot can change in one night; a delay might give you trouble).  It was because she and the emperor did not marry quick back then that they were presented with many unforeseen turn of events.  She must not repeat the mistake!

“Empress?” seeing the empress in a daze with expression that changes frequently, Lan Qin Yu suddenly wants to laugh.  This empress is really interesting!  She is very lovable!  No wonder she got to become the empress, the emperor must have love her dearly!

She is Feng Tian Qing’s mom?  So unbelievable!  How could the lovable empress gives birth to Feng Tian Qing who is sour and cold!   Could it be that he gets it from the emperor?  But the emperor too is not bad.

Whilst Qin Yu made her own analysis on Feng Tian Qing’s family, the empress by her side is deep in her thoughts about how to quicken her imperial son’s appointment of consort.  At that time, the two people are in their own world.  If other people speaks to them, they may not necessarily be listening.

A couple of maids standing on the sideline does not know how to react.  Xiu Er and Zi Er gives each other looks and shake their heads.

By the time the two recover their thoughts, it is almost dusk.  The empress returns to her palace and Lan Qin Yu to Ling Feng Palace.  Feng Tian Qing still hasn’t returned.  She initially planned to tell him about her encounter with the empress, but after waiting for a long time, she lie down on Feng Tian Qing’s bed and falls asleep.

When she wakes up the next day, she is already in her own room.  According to Xiu Er, when Feng Tian Qing came back in the middle of the night and discovered her, he lifted her back to her own room.

Seeing her one too many times on his own bed, and seeing her one too many times being unscrupulous, Feng Tian Qing could only sigh.

Things were once plain and simple, but after meeting this girl, he suddenly does not know how to react.  She always did things he could never expect and things he had never seen.

She appeared on his resting palace out of the blue, weird or not, he has gotten used to it.  She already knows he is a prince, yet she still dares to address him by the name, even went to the point of calling him ‘wei’.  But he never even thought of punishing her.   Even he did not know what illness he has contracted!

In short, this is troublesome!

It should already be half a month since he first saw her….

But still, he didn’t feel fed up with her.  Seeing her frequently making improper remarks while being light-hearted, he does not know what his feeling is.

Early that morning, he goes to her room, but she already disappears to who knows where.  Ever since his imperial father bestowed her with the medallion, she was always unreachable whenever he looked for her.  By now, he finally understands why she wanted that medallion so much!  That girl is completely restless!  With that medallion in hand, she disappears the entire day with no trace whatsoever.

When he can no longer bear it, he will stroke his forehead.  In the end, because of Lan Qin Yu, his forehead aches.  Really deserves death!



    believe it or not, I’ve been re-reading this over and over again ever since it’s being updated hours ago. I swear I can never get bored with this story. At least, as far as the story goes at this point. Will definitely wait for more. Thank you for the updates.


  2. lol, i’m honestly not sure what to think. I just found this tonight. I am intrigued though. and it has made me laugh (and face palm) multiple times. thank you for your hard work!


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