Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Accidentally Meeting the Empress


“Are you talking about Feng Tian Qing?”  Out of all the princes at the current moment, she is acquainted to only him.


The empress is a little surprised hearing her calling a prince’s name.  No wonder the emperor said she is not a typical girl, she even have the guts to call out a royal prince’s name.




“He assigned me to be his personal maid, but up until now, I am not truly one.  These two are the maids he assigned to serve me.”  Seeing the empress speaking so kindly, she too no longer has any reservation as she points towards Xiu Er and Zi Er.


Don’t know why but after a look at this girl, the empress feels an inexplicable feeling of affection.  There was no sense of estrangement at all.  If such a girl can become the prince’s consort, she will be very happy.


All these while, she has been worrying over the matter of Qing Er’s feelings.  Even though the prince’s consort must be chosen after a careful consideration, she had always hoped her son would be able to choose the person he likes.


He purposely made this girl’s existence known to them, he must have like her.  If it’s like that, she as the Imperial Mother should do something to help.


“Qin Yu, do you have family?” the empress gently asks.


“I have none.”  They are all in another era, so this shouldn’t be considered a lie.


“Then why don’t you be my daughter?”


The half eaten cake she is eating suddenly falls down.  Qin Yu stare at the empress blankly.  Did she hear wrong, was she hallucinating?


Daughter?  Is she pranking me?  That was the first thing she thinks of.


“Em- Empress, what did you said just now?  Qin Yu did not hear very clearly.”


“What I was saying was, are you willing to be a princess?”


No matter how you look at it, if a person is to be the crown prince’s consort in the future, she must have an exceptional standing.  In order to prevent this from interfering with Qing Er’s decision in the future, it must be dealt with right now.


As for whether or not this girl is the person inside her son’s heart, the empress is confident she is.  This is the first time her son has ever brought out a lady, it’d be strange if she isn’t.


Lan Qin Yu did not know the empress is already considering her as daughter-in-law, she only thought the empress has taken a liking on her and wants to make her a daughter.


“I, can be, a princess?”


“Of course you can.  As long as you’re willing to.”


“I am just a maid.  The emperor rewarded me a couple of days ago, and now I gets to be a princess?”  This is too overwhelming.


“That is not a problem.  You help the country solved riddles, that can also be considered a merit.  You deserve a reward.”


“But His Majesty already rewarded me.  This medallion is my reward.”


Qin Yu take out the medallion from her bosom but the empress merely cast it aside, placing no importance on the medallion.


“How can this be considered areward?  This is just a medallion, there is no comparison between the two.”  The emperor is also one thing, how can he simply reward like that.  How impractical.


Lan Qinyu originally wanted something that can grant her the freedom to go in and out of the palace, now that she thinks about it, her aspiration is indeed a little lacking.  Don’t tell her the time for her to change from a sparrow to a phoenix is coming soon!


“Wait until I meet the emperor tomorrow.  We will pick a good day for your ceremonial celebration.”




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