Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 18

Chapter 18

You Think I Am Grateful



After they go back to Feng Tian Qing’s Ling Feng Palace, Qin Yu love the medallion so much she didn’t let it go.  After she finish looking at it, she even rub it on her face, she really likes that cold sensation.  This is the first good thing she gets after arriving in this era!  This is her treasure ah!


Feng Tian Qing sits while glancing at Qin Yu, she actually likes that rotten medallion so much?  She actually ignores him in favour of that medallion!  “You are pretty good at speaking.”


“What is so hard about that!  Speaking is actually my biggest ability!”


“Do you think the emperor will simply give other people medallion that allows them to leave the palace?” there is a meaning underneath his tone that she could not grasp.  Even if she was made a Cairen, this medallion is not something to be lightly given away.  In the palace, the only people who owns them are the imperial princes.  Even their wangzi fei did not have the medallion in their possession.  This medallion is different from those of the imperial guards, this can really give it’s owner the freedom to enter or leave the palace.  Seeing the medallion is the same as seeing the emperor.  Even if she wants to enter the emperor’s resting palace, no one can stop her now.  His Imperial Father really is generous this time!


“What do you mean? Doesn’t this belong to me now?” Don’t tell her it was all empty words.  Don’t tell her the medallion has no power.  Shouldn’t be so, didn’t they say a monarch will never go back on his words?


“If it weren’t for me taking you to the banquet as a wangzi fei, would the emperor ever treat you so nicely.”


If he didn’t bring that up, she would’ve forgotten them.  He already told her last night that other than several officials and the princes and their wives, no other people could join the banquet.  But he still brought her didn’t he?


“You have the nerve to bring that up!  You didn’t even ask me before you put that title on my head!”  Her reputation ah!


“What is so bad about being a prince’s consort?  You should be grateful.”  Feng Tian Qing sounds like he is flattering Qin Yu, he looks very pleased with himself.  With such reputation, people will know better than to touch her.  Even though she is not a real prince’s consort, it will more or less make people fear her.  This is the imperial palace, if you want to live peacefully, you have to have position.   This is all for her own good.  Even though there are other ways, he must have had a moment of selfishness.  Even he does not know why he let her wear the prince’s consort’s dress, that can only be worn by a real consort.


“Only a ghost will be grateful to be a prince’s consort!” Don’t get her wrong, she did not mind having power, but being a prince’s consort?!


Back then, she understand those consorts and princes the least, but now that happens to her own face.  Seeing those concubines playing is something she would enjoy, but participating in the game with them with the same status is no longer fun.


Feng Tian Qing did not say anything in reply, merely drinking his tea.  What a weirdo!  She is too lazy to pay any more attention to him!   The medallion is in her hands anyway~ She can start having fun in the palace tomorrow!


“I am in charge to arrange the Chi Lian envoy’s departure tomorrow, I will not be here.”


She turns to look at him.  He turns a page in the book on the table, as though the words he said just now were said to himself.


“Oh, it’s okay.  I will stroll in the palace tomorrow anyway, I won’t be here too!”


After Feng Tian Qing heard that, he scoffed coldly and enters the inner hall.


His personality is even weirder than her’s!  After living here for a few days, she is now immune to his good looks and finds his temper really bad!


Only that handsome official seems to have personality that matches his looks!


Oh, there is also that young prince.  If she remembers correctly, Feng Tian Qing said his name was Lian Che.  She will try to find out where he lives.  He is so cute, it’d be her loss if she didn’t get to know him!





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