Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Meeting the Emperor

“Nicely said, but zhen has a question zhen would like to ask you.  How did you know the answers to the question?  And what is the name of the musical piece you played?”

“The people in my hometown always solve questions like that in our leisure time, so naturally I am used to them.  As for that musical piece, it is a very famous in our hometown.  It’s called, ‘The Smiling, Proud Wanderer’.”

“’The Smiling, Proud Wanderer’?  En, ha ha such a fitting name!  Where is your hometown?” The envoy’s riddles are actually being used to pass leisure times over there?  Wouldn’t that mean everyone in that village are geniuses?  His country actually has such a place?

“My hometown is far away.  Nobody lives there anymore.”

She travelled through time and entered another dimension, of course the people in her hometown isn’t here.  When the emperor heard this, he thought it means everybody is dead.  Probably from a plague, or got caught in war.  Such things are inappropriate to be asked lest it opens up other people’s wound.

“Then how did you enter the imperial palace and becomes Tian Qing’s personal maid?”  He originally wanted to ask how she met Feng Tian Qing, but he’s still the emperor.  If he ask such questions, it seems like he will lose a little points.

“This- not long ago, I hit my head, I no longer remember how I entered the palace.  A few days ago, I accidentally entered the prince’s chamber, dianxia noticed I have a quick-thinking and receptive head, so he decided to let me stay.”  Constructing excuses is not a hard thing, anyone can do them!

Feng Tian Qing pull the corner of his lips, looking over to Lan Qin Yu as though saying, “A quick-thinking and sensitive head?  If you want to lie, at least make it believable.”  Lan Qin Yu pretends as though she didn’t see him.

“So that is how it is?”

“Yes, imperial father.”  Feng Tian Qing answers.

“So it is like that.  Are you living in the maid’s quarters right now?”

“Ah?  No.  Dianxia assigned me a room in Ling Feng Palace.”

The moment the emperor heard that, he meaningfully looked over at Feng Tian Qing, ambiguously smiling.  Feng Tian Qing turn his head, slightly embarrassed, fiercely staring at Qin Yu beside him.

Why is he staring at people for no apparent reason ah?  Qin Yu does not understand why.

“Then you can continue living there.  But you are quick and creative, being a mere maid is too much of a waste.  For the time being, zhen will confer you as Yu Cairen.  Here is a medallion, it gives you free access to go anywhere in the imperial palace.”

Exactly what she was looking for!  This emperor is too good!  Lan Qin Yu can’t help but to look at him with tears of gratitude, though honestly, she just wants to look at handsome uncle more!

“What do imperial son think?” the emperor asked Feng Tian Qing, secretly pondering about the importance his son placed on the girl.  The status of a personal maid clearly isn’t enough for them to associate with each other, there shouldn’t be any objection.

“Son has no other opinion.”

“En.  As for living quarters, you can continue living in Ling Feng Palace.  If there’s anything you are not satisfied with, you can go to zhen’s imperial son.  If not, you can also come to look for zhen.  What do you think?”

The emperor seems to have liked her, Lan Qin Yu also think the emperor is interesting.

“Thanking the emperor.”


  1. Lol…. she’s such a contradiction…. she’s narcissistic, yet she is dense when others regard her in an appreciative light… she’s rude, but also knows how to be polite. I unno if I like her, but she’s interesting


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