Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Meeting the Emperor


After they have arrived inside the hall, there are already a few people inside, one of them being the handsome guy from yesterday.  Just now, Feng Tian Qing seem to have called him ‘Yun’.


“Son greets Imperial Father,” Feng Tian Qing does the ceremonial bow, and Qin Yu copied him haplessly.


“Greetings to the emperor.” Qin Yu does not know how to address herself, ‘little lady’? ‘Peasant girl’?  All of them sounds weird, so she chose not to.


“All of you rise.  Son, who is this lady?  How did she join the banquet yesterday?” the emperor calmly asks, his words are not hurried, his tone containing interest and wonder.


Why would he be wondering, you ask?  Feng Tian Qing has never showed up with any women before!  He who has never shown any interest in woman actually had a moment like yesterday, as a father, how could he not be wondering?  Moreover, the lady definitely got his attention on the banquet last night.  There has never been such situations before, where a girl manages to answer the envoy’s riddles.  Much less by a girl whom he has never heard of or seen before!


Even though the envoy addressed her as wangzifei, but as Feng Tian Qing’s father, he knows his son has never taken any consort before.  Even the entire palace knows the second prince has never taken any consort!


Because the emperor’s seat was far from her’s in the banquet, she did not manage to take a good look at him.  But he did give her the feeling of being amiable.  Now that they are only a few metres apart, she finally manage to take a good look at him.


His deep facial features are almost the same as Feng Tian Qing, almost as if they were made from the same mold.  He must’ve looked exactly like Feng Tian Qing when he was younger, a total handsome guy!  Indeed a pair of father and son!


At that exact moment, the emperor too is assessing her in reverie.  She actually had the guts to look at him, with such assessing eyes at that!  How courageous!


“She is son’s personal maid.  Last night, son noticed she wanted to see the Chi Lian envoy so son took her with me.”


Personal maid?  He actually dared to say that, she never really served him!  But thankfully he didn’t say she suddenly showed up in his room.  Wouldn’t that basically inviting her to sit in the prison?


“What is your name?”


“Answering the emperor, my name is Lan Qin Yu.”


Her voice is neither humble nor overbearing, but then she never lost her etiquette.  What a unique woman, the emperor secretly thought.  As for Lan Qinyu, the modern people has no sense of hierarchy, everyone are equals.  So she naturally thought her answer is just normal.


“You did well last night,” the emperor smile at her.


“Thanking the emperor’s grace.  Being able to be of use to Your Majesty is my luck.” She is only saying some words that are nice to the hearing.  The modern people are really good at that, like they say, speak people when you meet people, speak ghost when you are facing ghost.


Feng Tian Qing also glance at her in surprise, who would’ve thought she would be so good at talking!


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