Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Unexpected Performance



She finally understand after a moment.  These people, they must’ve not expect her to possess such astonishing talent!  They totally underestimated her, Lan Qin Yu!  Who is she?  She is Lan Qin Yu!  Lan Qin Yu!



She pretends to cough for a couple of times.  The spectators wake up from their trance and looks around embarrassedly, smilingly foolishly at each other before a thunderous applause is given to her.  She feels satisfied looking at the frustration on the envoy’s face.


Little thing, you want to fight with granny?  You are not capable enough!


The sound of applause continues for about 10 more minutes.  She goes back to sit next to Feng Tian Qing and glance at him.  That bloke has ‘disbelief’ written all over his face!


Hmph!  How dare he underestimate her?  She was someone who possessed both beauty and talent in the 21st century, who would’ve thought she would be taken so lightly in this weird era!


“Is the envoy satisfied with my performance?”


The envoy let out a smile that looks more painful than crying, “The prince’s consort really possesses extraordinary talent, this small official admires your talent.”


Of course you do!  She had to practice so many times just to play it right!  It took her two months to perform this beautifully!


She and the handsome official gives each other a glance.


Just like that, after she and the handsome official’s involvement, the envoy’s plan to cause trouble did not work and the banquet continues peacefully.  Just, after Lan Qin Yu’s exceptional performance, the following performances no longer draw people’s interest.


The banquet continues late into the night, and Lan Qin Yu, caught in a moment of glory drinks a little too much.


She was drunk out of her mind and in the end, had to be sent back to her palace in Feng Tian Qing’s embrace.


The next day, the emperor send people to summon Lan Qin Yu.  Feng Tian Qing frowns as he looks at the hung over her in front, “Idiot.  You can’t even drink but still wants to show off.”


In the end, Xiao De Zi brings a hangover tea for her, one that she immediately finish before she sigh, “I didn’t know you people’s alcohol are so strong!”


The taste is clearly similar to modern era’s wine, but who would’ve thought they would be so strong, to the point where her head feels like splitting right now!  Seems like her previous reputation as someone with high tolerance in the modern time is just a history here.

“Oh, right!  What did you say just now?  The emperor wants to see me?”


“En, last night you and Yun Chu Jin stole the spotlight.  Even had that performance.  Of course Imperial Father will not look the other way,” even though it sounds like he’s reproaching her for being too ostentatious, there is also a hint of sourness in his tone.


Lan Qin Yu prop herself up with a lot of efforts.  Feng Tian Qing cannot bear to look and immediately help her lest she falls down, “Are you okay?”


“Of course!  I’ll be fine, some fresh air will do me just fine!” What a joke, she’s meeting the emperor!  Such a rare chance, even if she’s not okay, she’ll force herself to be okay.


“Don’t speak nonsense once you meet the emperor!” There’s a chance she’s still drunk.  It will be problematic if she suddenly goes crazy later in front of the emperor.


“It’s okay, I know what I should do!” He fusses too much!



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