Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 14

Chapter 14

The Unexpected Performance


“Indeed the number one dynasty under the sky!  There are so many capable people in this country.  Even the prince’s consort has such outstanding talent!” The envoy tries to control his expression, pretending to concede.


He said that so clearly, there’s no way she could miss the way he addressed her.  Prince’s consort?  Who?  Her?


He must be joking?  How can she not know she herself has risen to such an outstanding position?    Which prince’s consort is he talking about?  She turns to Feng Tian Qing who sits next to her, trying to ask him, but that bloke merely smiles at her demonically.


She did wondered why he was willing to take her here!  Turns out she made a fool by him!


People starts whispering, must be because they had never seen such a capable prince’s consort before. (Narcissistic..)


“Your Majesty, since the second prince’s consort is so talented, why don’t we let her perform the next performance.”


She looks at Feng Tian Qing questioningly, “What is going on?”


“We always have a customary showcase of talent to reciprocate their riddles after their quiz.”


“This—“ the emperor has a difficult expression on his face as he looks at Lan Qin Yu.  He does not know who this woman is and if she can perform, how can he decide?


Seeing the envoy’s expression and the emperor’s clear distrust of her, Lan Qin Yu who had been performing since little feels challenged.  She had always liked performing.


“Since the envoy think so highly of me, ha, I have no other choice but to concede.”  Lan Qin Yu confidently nods her head at the emperor, the assurance in her eyes making the emperor believe in her.


She heads towards the big stage in front.  A servant brought a guqin before her.  She closes her eyes and ponders for a while, she had always liked the musical composition of ‘The Swordsman’, why don’t she plays them in this alternate universe?  She calmly opens her eyes, smiling teasingly at the envoy who clearly waits for her to crash and burn.  Let her opens his eyes and see what exceptional talent really means.




As she plays mid-way, her ears suddenly catch an accompanying music.  Lan Qin Yu continues playing as she tries to look for the source of the sound, it turns out to be that handsome official!  His hand is holding a jade flute as he plays with her with a light smile.  Qin Yu happily smiles at him, who would’ve thought that the handsome official would be this talented!  He is so admirable!  The smile on her face gradually gets bigger, completely immersed in the music.


The music ends, the stage is in complete silence.


Qin Yu finally regain her thoughts after a while, looking over at the handsome official and thanking him with her eyes.


She looks around and everybody else has their mouth stretched open and their eyes bulged out, as though in disbelief.


Did she play wrong?  No way, she is actually an expert when it comes to this piece.  She looks at Feng Tian Qing questioningly, wanting to ask him what happens.  Turns out that guy too has similar expression to the rest, looking as though he has just seen ghost!




  1. Haha i always come back to read this part. Too funny, more realistic because she said she practised so hard to play the swordsman song la

    Thank you for your hard work for the previous and recent chapters!


  2. Hi! Do you have a proofreader? Though I don’t know Chinese, I’m quite adept at English 🙂 I volunteer to be one!


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