Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 13

Chapter 13

This is the so-called questions?



“You want to hear the answer?  Then can you please repeat the question, I did not quite catch them.”


This is undoubtedly another humiliation for the envoy.  She did not even hear the question properly but already knows the answer, isn’t she purposely belittling them.  She on the other hand does not care if he took it as humiliation, what she cares most was straightforwardness.


“Then let me repeat, what kind of cloth cannot be cut by scissors.  What thing is higher than the sky.  What water source is inexhaustible?”


“What kind of cloth that can’t be cut  by scissors?  Of course, it’d be waterfall1!   What thing is higher than the sky?  The answer is heart.  What water source is inexhaustible?  Let me ask envoy, what do you have inside your mouth?”




“Saliva!” Idiot!


Everybody suddenly has a realization, Lan Qin Yu secretly glance at the emperor.  Even he has an expression that says, ‘so it is like that’.  He did not seem to have the slightest of anger, so he must’ve not mind her doings.  This can also be considered solving problem for their dynasty, he still have to give her credit.


“If I may ask the envoy, does my answers have any errors?” If she was wrong, she might as well just smash her head to anything and die here.  Those words naturally were not said.  Besides, she must have confidence in herself, and perhaps a little bit of modesty because modesty is a virtue ah!


“Y-you were right!  Qing Feng Wang’s Dynasty indeed have a lot of capable people.  You earned my respect.”


“You are too polite,” even though she is not this dynasty’s people, since she was already praised like that, might as well embrace that.


“I still have another question here, I wonder if prince’s consort can answer them.”


“Of course.”  Lan Qin Yu ignored the way he addressed her as she looks at him proudly.


So what if he has another one, it will be just another one of those nonsense riddles.  Ten or twenties are nothing to her.  Let’s not talk about her special talent, she, Lan Qin Yu, has always excels when it comes to brain teasers and puzzles.  Not afraid of a little envoy like him!


“They have always said that a mountain cannot accommodate two tigers in one time.  Under what circumstances can a mountain house two tigers at the same time?” the envoy provokingly look at her, as though confident she wouldn’t know the answer.


As expected!


Lan Qin Yu is not in a rush to answer the question that can be answered by any 3 year old.  Instead, she looks around her, in case if anybody else know the answer.   Don’t misunderstand, it’s isn’t like she does not enjoy the limelight, but if she were to be too ostentatious, people will think she’s annoying.  A big tree courts winds2.


She looks around, everyone is trying hard to think of the answer.  The handsome official opposite her looks at her.  Seems like he knows the answer but has no intention to let it be known.  Feng Tian Qing on the other hand, is sitting quietly next to her, sipping his wine.  He did not seem to have the desire to intervene.


These people are so leisurely!  But it’s okay, since he does not seem to want to answer, she can answer on his behalf!  The emperor seems to be waiting to see if she knows the answer.  If she can leave a good impression on the emperor, the fruit of her labor will be worth it!  After all, it will play a huge part in her future prospect in the palace.


She pretend to cough a couple of times before she says, “Mountain cannot accommodate two tigers in one time because they will both fight for their territories.  If one of them is male and one of them is female, the problem is solved.  If the male and the female get together, everything will be less strenuous.  It’s like that in both human and tigers.”


The envoys face is blue and green and then turns to white. His mouth is open but he couldn’t say a word.


These kind of nonsense riddles are popular in the modern time.  But for the current era’s period, the people’s knowledge are limited, their mindsets are also different from the modern people.  It’s only natural they didn’t know the answer to the questions.  If we put it like that, the envoy who can come up with such questions can already be considered smart.





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