Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 12

Chapter 12

This is the so-called questions?



“Your Majesty, our Chi Lian country has always loved exchanging cultural information with the Tian Kingdom.  This time, I have also arrived with questions from my home country in hopes to exchange opinions with the princes and ministers.”


“The envoy can ask away,” the emperor is pretty straightforward, did not exchange any courtesy words with him.  He was probably a little annoyed since the questions has always been hard.


She suddenly sympathize the emperor.  He has to frequently deal with people like this, must have been tiring.


The envoy nods while looking at his audience before saying, “Question number 1, what kind of fabric will not tear even when cut with scissors?  What thing is higher than the sky?  What kind of water that will never be used up?


Hearing the envoy’s question, Lan Qin Yu cough while spitting out the wine in her mouth.  She is lucky the big hall is huge and the rest of the people are concentrating on the riddles, so not many people noticed her.  But the prince next to her frowned at her while Feng Tian Qing pat her in the back.


“Drinking wine can choke you up?” his words are teasing, but there are also traces of worry.  But Lan Qin Yu did not pay him any attention.  When her eyes rests on the envoy, she suddenly couldn’t control the urge to laugh.


Feng Tian Qing look at her.  He knows she is a weird woman, so weird things did not even seem so weird anymore, to him.


Lan Qin Yu tries to hide her laughter.  She had always been the kind of person who automatically laughs whenever she wants to, so right now, she is at her limit.  But seeing the people beside her, in front of her, and even the emperor on top of the throne perusing over questions that even a 3 year old would know in the 21st century, she really couldn’t hold it in anymore.



“Ha ha ha ha—“ her loud laughter quickly spread inside the big hall.  Everyone look at her directions simultaneously.


After laughing for a long time, she finally manage to rein it in, and control herself.  She noticed that Feng Tian Qing who is right next to her did not have a good expression on his face, probably embarrassed by her.


As for her, she finally understood these people!  They asked nonsense riddles and called them difficult questions?  When she read time-traveling novels in the past, the envoys from foreign countries always used questions like these to test people.  Now that she personally experienced it herself, it’s hard to even control her laughter!


If they want to ask nonsense riddles then so be it, but seeing so many grown ups frowning while exerting their brains trying to think of the answer is so amusing!


The envoy from Chi Lian cannot stand someone who laughs at his question, so he turns to her, saying, “This is the second prince’s consort, right?  If I may ask what amuse you so much?”


Qin Yu puts all her mind on the questions so she did not notice the title he was calling her with.  When she realizes everybody is looking at her, even the handsome official in front is looking at her with curiosity, she forces herself to look normal before she stands up.


“Sorry, I did not manage to control myself.”


“Couldn’t control yourself?  Don’t tell me you already know the answer?”


Qin Yu laughs for a couple of times, trying to make herself look good.  She is afraid that she will look to proud and ruin her image.  “Finding the answers should not be too hard.  Are these the cultural exchange envoy is talking about?”


There is a little mockery in her tone, one that definitely would not be missed by a wise man.  The envoy is not an idiot, the expression on his face darkens a little.


He is after all the representative of his country’s cultural exchange, hearing somebody questioning it like that, of course he feels upset deep inside.


“Hearing your words, I am sure now that you know the answers.  Let us all hear you.” The envoy grits his teeth as he says that.





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