Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Scanning for Handsome Guys


The emperor’s seat and the one opposite it, presumably the envoy’s, are both still empty.  The people inside the hall at the moment all minded their own business and watch the performance while drinking wine.  Lan Qin Yu is bored out of her mind, keep glancing around the room in boredom.


Her original purpose to wanting to join the banquet was merely to see the so called culture loving Chi Lian’s envoys and their supposed hard questions.  But right now the people hasn’t arrived while Feng Tian Qing is busy instructing something to the guards behind them.  So she is left seeking for fun all alone.


This can’t do, she must find a purpose.  Two seats away from her is a little prince, approximately around 15-16 years old, barely on high school on modern’s day world.  Why would she take interest in him, you ask?  Of course because he is extremely cute!  His behaviour is also not cocky, unlike Feng Tian Qing and the guy next to her.  He sits on his seat, looking around like her.


When Qin Yu stares at him, he too coincidentally is looking at her direction.  When he sees that she is sitting next to Feng Tian Qing, he seems a bit shocked.   Lan Qin Yu thought he thought she was pretty, so she immediately gave him a smile before pulling Feng Tian Qing and asks, “Wei, who is that over there?  Your younger brother?”


Feng Tian Qing, whose clothes are being pulled by her frowns a little, ‘Wei’?  After such a short time, she didn’t even bother calling him by the name now?


“He is my imperial younger brother, the sixth prince.  Feng Lian Che.”


“Feng Lian Che?  He has a nice name.  Even his appearance  is cute!  If you have the opportunity, you must introduce him to me!”  She had always yearned for a younger brother who is not too young from herself.  Right now, she can finally get one!


Lan Qin Yu only cares about getting acquainted with Feng Lian Che, she did not realize the darkening look on Feng Tian Qing’s face.  “You are interested in younger men?”


“Nothing wrong about it!  I’ve always liked jie-di’s affection!” Lan Qin Yu said half-jokingly.




“The emperor arrives!”  the sudden announcement cuts his sentence, announcing Qing Feng Dynasty’s emperor’s arrival.


The emperor is sitting on the legendary dragon sedan chair, beside him is an elegant lady whom Qin Yu can tell is the empress.


Since the distance is a little far, Qin Yu is not able to take a good look, but she did not really feel any pressure or fear.  They all should be good-people right?


Not long after, the Chi Lian’s envoy also arrives, seeming to be a 25-26 year old man.  The clothes he wear looks so normal,  not too different from the clothes in dramas.  Qin Yu initially thought that since he is from a foreign land, he will wear the clothes of the Mongolian people or the same sort.  How disappointing.


The people have arrived, and now there is that typical scene of people showing common courtesy, Qin Yu has no interest in it whatsoever.  She remains in her seat, eating pastries while occasionally scanning the room in case if there are more handsome guys to ogle.  From the sides she’s sitting at, other than little Lian Che, no other people piqued her interest.  So, she start looking at the side opposite hers.


But honestly, she has no expectation for men on the opposite side.  If you mention officials, she would think of those old, power hungry men.  How could there be any handsome guys over there.


Her eyes briefly glance down the halls.  She unexpectedly catches one.  She initially thought the envoy look nothing extraordinary, so she did not pay any attention to his side.  But who would’ve thought a young handsome guy would be sitting next to him!


She remembers what Feng Tian Qing told her earlier, the people sitting across them will be the country’s top officials.  Then, handsome guy should be one of them!  He is so young, looks older than her by only a few years.  How did he manage to be a top official?  In the 21st century, he should be around the age of college students, or perhaps a post-graduate.


Lan Qin Yu initially wanted to greet handsome guy, but the guy seems more interested in the wine on his table and didn’t even glance at her side!  Such a pity!  If she have the opportunity in the future, she must get to know him more!  There are few handsome men in the world after all.


The envoy in front suddenly stands up, seems like the difficult part is going to start.  She is also ready to see the so-called difficult puzzles in this era.



  1. lol she’s obsessed w handsome guys. that’s probably the young emperor? She’s so cute, not annoying like some others. thx for the chapter!


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