Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Tacky Songs and Dances

The night has arrived.

Feng Tian Qing is wearing an extraordinary white brocade robes, possessing an indescribable air of a king.  The novels she used to read all described the royal descendants as extraordinary people with extraordinary aura, but Lan Qin Yu had not believed them.  But now, she changed her mind.

Under the moonlight, it is as though she is looking at a celestial, unaware that Feng Tian Qing too is eyeing her with unusual eyes.

Even though Lan Qin Yu can be a bit crazy when she’s playing, but when she dolls up a little, she can also exudes a temperament that can leave people in awe.  Her pair of eyes are cold and calm, as though she did not really care for anything.  She is currently wearing a pale pink outfit inlaid with gold, exuding a noble air.  Even Feng Tian Qing has gotten a little light-headed upon seeing her.


After reaching the big hall with Feng Tian Qing, she is slightly startled.  It is a lot bigger than what she had in mind.

The big hall, also known as Xuan De Hall is magnificent and grand in an indescribable way.  What truly draw her eyes are the two huge pillars in front of the building, they are so thick her hands probably would not touch if she hugs them.    Both of the pillars are engraved with dragons, their eyes are made of emeralds so big they probably wouldn’t fit in her mouth!

That thing must be really valuable.  Lan Qin Yu couldn’t help but try to appraise it’s value in her heart.

On the hall’s right and left sides are huge tables.  The first seat on the left side is empty while the seat next to it is occupied by an official.  Behind the official is a couple of guards, all of whom look alike.

The right side seems to be occupied by the royal families, their clothes are similar to Feng Tian Qing.  He himself said that the princes and their wives as well as the emperor’s consorts will be attending this.  (Even though she herself knows that only princes and their wives can attend the banquet, she forgot that she who managed to get in is neither of those two.  She is slow oh!).  Behind them are also a good number of servants, with bodyguards lining every part of the walls.  At first glance, the people seem to be locked up in a human cage!  As expected of the imperial palace!  This is what they call, heavily guard.  How cool!

Feng Tian Qing brings her to sit on the very first place on the right side.  On a stage in front of the hall are women dressing fancily, going around here and there.  She didn’t find anything worth watching.  The clothes they wore are ugly.  The songs they’re playing are tacky.  The singings are old-fashioned!   There really is no appeal. What pisses her off the most is the thing they called ‘dancing’.  What is the difference between their dancing and the modern day’s jump rope?  Even people like this can perform in the palace?   How embarrassing!

“So these are Qing Feng Wang Dynasty’s dancers?”  Lan Qin Yu couldn’t help but ask Feng Tian Qing.

“These are Chi Lian’s dancers.  Today’s banquet is for the envoys from Chi Lian so the dances and songs are naturally catered to their interest.”

“Tacky,” she humphed, attracting attention from people next to them.  The person next to them is also a prince, his looks are pretty nice, but he appears a little shocked by her presence.   He frowns, but then no longer pays attention to her.

What the hell, are all princes here so impolite?  One is bad tempered and another had a rotten personality!


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