Disgraced Consort – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Mistakenly Made A Consort


Heart heavy with thoughts, the wangfei stand up from kneeling and receive the edict, instructing Rong Mama to reward the eunuch.  Xi Yan supports her on her arm and feels the unsuppressable tremor in her hand.


“Yan Er—–“ the wangfei finally calls out her name, looking at her while wrinkling her brows.


“Mother-“ Xi Yan cut off her mother, knowing what she is about to say.  Her mother probably could not bear to marry her off to Ye Kingdom and is probably intending to beg for the emperor’s grace.


But, is such grace really possible?


“Daughter knows Mother cannot bear to let daughter to marry off to the far Ye Kingdom, but Father suddenly passed, if daughter does not go to form connection in Ye Kingdom, will it be more beneficial or harmful to our wangfu?”


Xi Yan gently hold her mother hands and escort her to sit in a couch.  She scoops up a spoonful of porridge from inside the bowl and gently blows on it before bringing it to her mother’s lips.  “Mother, daughter does not have the slightest complain when it comes to marrying into Ye Kingdom.  Mother know daughter’s heart has high aspirations.  Only a dragonly being can match daughter.  Even though the Ye Emperor is not the kind of husband I can have exclusively to myself,  I am willing to entrust myself to him till the day I die.  Moreover, daughter is marrying into Ye Kingdom as a princess of Xun Kingdom to strengthen the two countries’ relations, the Ye Emperor will definitely favor daughter.”


After Xi Yan said that, she lowers her head as her mother drink the porridge, suppressing the emotions in her eyes.


Now that her father passed, the wangfu no longer has a backing.  Her second brother on the other hand is injured.  Such a big house, one careless move and everything will crumble.  That’s why she has to marry into Ye Kingdom.  To protect her family using the Ye Emperor’s status.


Even though this is a bad plan, this is also the only plan.


“Yan Er, actually Mother is reluctant to let you go.  Reluctant to—“  the wangfei’s voice chokes up again, “You have to know, the road to the back palace is perilous.  Even though I cannot bear to let you marry to Ye Kingdom, your father supported the Emperor’s decision.  You going to Ye Kingdom by yourself, if anything happens, what would Mother do?”


Actually, marrying into Ye Kingdom may perhaps be a good thing for her.


“Mother, as long as you and second brother are well, daughter will take care of herself properly.  Don’t tell me Mother still does not trust daughter after all these time?”


Wangfei gazes at the only daughter of hers.  It is true.  Ever since she was small, her Yan Er never did anything to worry her.  The only thing she has to worry about is Yan Er’s appearance.  Is it a curse or a blessing?”


If a lady is too beautiful, trouble ought to follow.  And Yan Er makes her heart even more restless.


“Mother, you should rest more,” Xi Yan gently says.


“Yan Er, Mother really can’t bear to let you go,” the wangfei’s tears fall once again, her elegant face in just one night turned so haggard.  The pain of losing her husband, her son and now her daughter almost rendered her breathless.  All these while, she never thought that being alive will be this painful.


Xi Yan support her mother on the couch.  Tomorrow, after the selection is over, even though she can still technically return to their wangfu, her remaining days with her mother is numbered.


She lower her head, trying to hide the mist forming in her eyes.


By the time she managed to hide her tears, she is already inside a carriage, slowly making it’s way to the imperial palace.


In her hand is a withering Xi Yan flower, her hand holding the delicate flower so carefully as though she is holding her own future.


Today, the weather is not good.  There is no blue sky, only mist everywhere.


The carriages carrying the young ladies of the dynasty slowly enters the gate, the creaking sound of the carriages masking the weeping sounds of the young ladies inside.


She silently sits there, looking past the curtain in the window.  The towering walls are mottled as though it has been immersed in the tears of the palace’s ladies.


As she let go of the curtain, a drop of tear fell on the Xi Yan Flower in her palm.


Inside the wangfu, she cannot simply cry.  Now that she is no longer there, she can finally weep.



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