Disgraced Consort – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Mistakenly Made a Consort


Second Brother is still alive.  Xi Yan uses that thought to keep herself from collapsing.


“Since such a thing has happened to our household, I have no other way but to trouble Uncle Jian.  If there’s anything you must do, just instruct the others.  If we lack anything, just use the medallion and take things from the treasury.  On the behalf of mother, I leave you in charge of everything within the household.”


“Princess, this servant understand,” the housekeeper uses his sleeve to wipe his tears as he looks outside, “Wangye and young master should arrive soon.  This servant will wait for them outside.  It is dark outside.  The road wangye and young master will use will only be clear if there is a large lantern.”


“Uncle Jian, I will come with you.”  Xi Yan does not know what she will feel once she sees the coffins that place her father and brother, all she knows is that she probably can’t even bear to look.  She shed no tears, but deep inside, her heart hurts.  That pain and the acidic taste in her throat reminds her that this is real, this is really happening.


This is also the firsts of her pain.


The palace indeed sent people down, bestowing the golden-thread sandalwood coffin that was initially intended for the previous emperor.  The late emperor suddenly died of illness and never had the chance to use the coffin.  At that time, King Rong sent a thousand year old ice crystal coffin that can protect the corpse from rotting.  Today, that sandalwood coffin becomes Nalan Jing De’s resting place.  For Nalan Clan, that is actually considered a heavenly-sent grace.


But for Xi Yan, the grace actually makes her even more forlorn.


But, as she steps into her mother’s chamber, she conceals the sadness deep inside her.


She must not let her mother worry about her.


From behind the curtain, the light of dawn peeks through.  Turns out a whole night has passed.


She slowly makes her way to her mother’s bed.  Her mother has since woken up after she fainted, her pair of eyes emptily staring at the bed rail.  Her blue lips are shivering, she didn’t say a word.


Xi Yan takes a bowl of porridge from a mama before she comforting says, “Mother, drink some porridge.”


As soon as she said that, her mother immediately grips her wrist.  Her mother close her eyes, a drop of tear fell into the silken quilt.  Xi Yan gently looks at her mother, “If Father is here, he would never bear to see Mother paying no regards to her own health.  Moreover, Second Brother needs Mother’s care more than ever.  Mother must quickly get strong, there are so many things to be taken care of in the residence, daughter alone cannot manage all of them.”


In front of her mother, she is very well behaved.  That is the only way to make her mother realize she still has two children left, and she must go on.


Dying is actually very easy.


The living seeking the dead is actually the hardest part.


Wangfei’s hand trembles on the bed.  Rong Mama grabbed a silk cushion and place it behind her.


At that very moment, a voice suddenly can be heard from outside, “The imperial decree arrives!”


Xi Yan immediately help her mother up as Rong Mama put on a cloak on the Wangfei’s body.  The eunuch who bears the decree by then had already entered the hall.  “As decreed by the Mandate of Heaven, the Xiang Wang is martyred for his country.  He Shuo Xiang Wang is therefore given the title, He Shuo Xiang Qin Wang to console the spirit of the departed.”


“This consort thanked the emperor for his benevolence.  Long live His Majesty!”


Xi Yan let go of the bowl and kneels beside her mother, quietly digesting the meaning of the edict.  This really is an unparalled glory for her father.


But, all that was in exchange for her father’s life.  In the past, her father hold the authority for the army.  But now?  The enemies within the empire no longer have to worry about a dead qinwang.


Protecting the Xiang Wang’s residence seems—–

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