Disgraced Consort – Chapter 5


Chapter 5

Mistakenly Made a Consort


Xi Yan changed her clothes.  By the time she reached Wan Mei Hall, Mu Yan was staring at the plum blossom outside with her hand supporting her cheek, her eyes beautiful like water, with overflowing grace and elegance.


As the second daughter in her family, she is also known as the most beautiful maiden in the entire city.  She has always been the subject of Xi Yan’s envy.


She is not envious of her beauty even though Mu Yan’s face are the kind that could potentially bring a ruin to a city.  What she is envious of is Mu Yan’s ability to leave her clan’s residence as she please.


These past 13 years, she had known a lot of influential family’s miss, but in the end, the one she was close to was only Mu Yan.


Every couple of days, Mu Yan would visit her, bringing a lot of things from the outside world.


Today is the Lantern Festival, Mu Yan must have brought a couple of gifts for her.  Xi Yan secretly circle her from behind, intending to surprise her, but got distracted by the hairpin she put on in her head instead.  It is an exquisitely carved pin and upon closer look, one would notice that it is actually in the form of a Xi Yan flower.


It is of the color of jade, with textures like glass, shiny when reflected in Xi Yan’s eyes.  She raised her hand and removed that hairpin from Mu Yan’s head, prompting Mu Yan to turn around in shock.  Xi Yan laughed at her, “This is good, did you get it from the city’s lantern festival celebration?”  Her snow-like hands wave the hairpin at Mu Yan’s direction.


A particular expression surfaced in Mu Yan’s beautiful face, one that passes in a flash and went unnoticed by Xi Yan.  She merely took it, thinking Mu Yan deliberately brought it for her since everybody knows how much she likes Xi Yan flower.


“That—“ Mu Yan hesitated for a moment, before she smile, “I got it from a small stall just now.  It is not expensive, but I know how much you like Xi Yan flower, so I thought you might like them.”


“Of course I like them!  Have I ever disliked anything you’ve brought me?” Xi Yan claimed before putting the pin into her own hair.  Don’t know if she put to it too hastily, but the moment she put the hairpin on, she suddenly feels traces of pain.  She frowns.  “Was the Lantern Festival fun?”


Mu Yan’s eyes follows the hairpin in Xi Yan’s head with a sense of lost, but because of Xi Yan’s question, her face suddenly turns red, before she awkwardly answers, “It was merely us ordinary people’s celebration, how could it interest our Princess Xi Yan?”


Xi Yan pursed her lips in annoyance before replying, “Such a pointless answer, even you are here to annoy me.  It is such a waste I didn’t get to experience even one.”


After tonight, her days before entering the Ye Kingdom’s inner palace will be limited.  Entering the harem will be like entering a deep sea, not to mention how far it will be from her homeland.


Everytime she thinks about that, she will feel slight pain in her heart.


“Ah-“ Mu Yan hold Xi Yan’s hand on her own before she said, “Why is your hand so cold?  The weather is freezing, why are you wearing so little clothes?”


“This year’s winter is a lot colder than the previous years.”  Xi Yan gazed at her, pausing for a while, before saying, “Yan Er, will you also enter the harem’s selection this year?”


“En, of course.  We are both the same age,” Mu Yan said with a small smile, in her eyes, there are traces of melancholy.


Two days from now will be Xun Kingdom’s maiden selection that is held once every three years.  Xi Yan and Mu Yan were born on the same year, so it is only natural that they are placed in the same batch.  But, Xi Yan knows, this selection for her, is nothing but a mere formality.



Translator’s Note: Chapter 5!  There will be mistakes 🙂



    • I think it was from Muyan’s crush or something, judging from her reaction. Xi Yan was just being shameless and thought it was for her when it wasn’t and once she took it, Mu Yan couldn’t find it in her to ask for it back. But this is only a speculation on my part. I too hasn’t read the novel 😀


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