Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 7 [S]


Chapter 7

Waiting Him Until She Fell Asleep


Lan Qin Yu ignored Xiao De Zi who try to block her way and enter Feng Tian Qing’s chamber.  This isn’t her first time anyway.  These past few days, she was bored to tears.  There’s nowhere she could go to.  She is sure Feng Tian Qing will not blame her, if he has the intention to kill her, she’d be dead by now.


Of course, she is not an unreasonable person who entered other people’s room for nothing.  Even though he is not here, the pastries for his palace are always sent on time, they are the really good kinds too.  If she did not finish them on his behalf, it would be too much of a waste!


She hold on tight to ‘death is better than wasting things’ principle, and decided to kindly help him finish them.  Do you know how much of a sin wasting thing is?


Xiu Er and Zi Er refuses to enter Feng Tian Qing’s room unauthorized and they always wait outside, so Qin Yu allowed them to go back to rest.   Lying on top of Feng Tian Qing’s huge bed while eating sweets, so comfortable ah~


Someone used to say this, ‘people are creatures that are similar to pigs the most. After eating, we just want to sleep.’ That saying is so true.  Lan Qin Yu started to feel drowsy.


Back in home, if she did not sleep past 12 hours, she would not wake up even if she dies.  Even if she woke up, she will still try to find ways to sleep.  Sleepiness is not something you can fight, so she always adhered to this one principle—- once sleepy just go to sleep.


It tickles.  It really tickles…. It gets more and more ticklish.


The thing on her nose keeps moving, not allowing her to sleep in peace.  She uses her hand to swat it away.  Not long after, the ticklish sensation comes back.  That blind thing that dare to disturb this young lady while she’s sleeping!




Someone is speaking to her.  Must be a dream.  Continue sleeping…..


“Sleeping on somebody else’s bed, you look so comfortable ah”


Why is that voice so familiar?  Where had she heard it before?


Lan Qin Yu was forced to open her eyes, she looks around drowsily and finds Feng Tian Qing sitting on the bed side with a strange smile on his face.


This girl is too impudent.  She dared to enter his palace without permission?  Even though this is not her first time here, but he still couldn’t believe her courage.


When he entered his chamber just now, he could smell a certain scent that does not belong to him, when he glanced at the bed, it was that peculiar woman from a few days ago that came out of thin air.  She is sleeping so soundly on his bed.  On her lips, there is a half eaten pastry.  Just what exactly is inside her head?  She can even fall asleep in the middle of a meal?


“Feng Tian Qing.”  She even dared to call him by his taboo name?


“Who let you in?”


“Your Xiao De Zi.”


“Why would he allowed you in?”  Xiao De Zi should know how much he hates it when people simply enter his palace, why would he allowed her entry?


“Why would he stop me from entering?  The first time he met me was in this chamber, if I want to enter this place, why would he stop me.  You also ordered him to carefully care for me. Right?” Even though she put things this way, the reality was Xiao De Zi only gave in after he couldn’t take her bothering anymore.


Feng Tian Qing seemed to have acknowledge her arguments and no longer probes.  He simply went ahead and changed his clothes and put on the one that was already laid there when Qin Yu came in.


“What do you come here for?” he asked, while fixing his attire.



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