Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 6


Chapter 6

The Enigmatic Country’s History


“Xiu Er, why don’t you tell me more about Qing Feng Wang Dynasty’s history.  My hometown is far from this place, so I am pretty clueless about this country.  The bordering states as well.”


Since she already time-travelled, she must fully adapt to this place.  First things first, she must know what kind of place she has travelled to.  What kind of history they possessed and what kind of dynasty.


Xiu Er is also a smart little maid, everything she asked her will be replied intelligently.


“Okay.  Qing Feng Wang Dynasty already had 400 years of history.  We have also had a lot of monarch.  The current emperor inherited the throne 20 years ago.  Initially, the royal family has the surname ‘Yue’ up until the later years when the emperor failed to govern the country properly, inciting the common people’s anger.  At that time, our former emperor who was a scholar in the Imperial Academy rose and revolted, toppling the Yue family and became emperor.   The current imperial family is the Feng clan, they are very popular and loved by the common people. Qing Feng Wang Dynasty has a lot of little countries at it’s borders.  We have Chi Lian in north, Mo Liu from the south, Shu Ji in the west, and Yao Yue in the east.  Yao Yue was just a small rich stretch of paradise at first, did not really fall into the category of a states.  But after the former emperor ascended the throne, he gave that place the name Yao Yue, and gave it to the descendants of the former Yue royal family.  Hence, Yao Yue is now under the rule of the Yue clan.”


They gave a prosperous place to the descendants of the previous dynasty?  Even called the land ‘states’?  Aren’t they afraid the Yue Clan will rebel?


“Aren’t the former emperor worried they will raise troops and rebel?”


“The former emperor was a virtuous person, that’s why he conferred the eastern land to them.  His revolt was not for himself but for the people, there was no need to him to be heavy-handed on the Yue Clan.  The former emperor even issued another decree saying, even if the Yue Clan rebel one day, we must not be rash in our action.  If the former emperor was not benevolent, the common people would’ve supported the Yue Clan.”


That former emperor seemed so bold yet benevolent at the same time, everything he did was done with the common people in mind.  If you think about it, he is that Feng Tian Qing’s grandfather.  Don’t know if Feng Tian Qing actually has the same mindset.  It’s hard to say oh~


“What happened after that? What about the relationship between the current emperor and Yao Yue state?


“Even though the current king of Yao Yue is young of age, he is also a very benevolent ruler.  He did not show any sign of wanting to go against Qing Feng Wang Dynasty.  Yao Yue State itself is prosperous on it’s own right, the people are kind, the lands are fertile.  Out of all the little states, it is liked by our dynasty’s common people the most.”


Don’t know if she will have the opportunity to go and play in Yao Yue State.  It’s a little paradise-ah.  Will it be the same as Guilin?  That would be awesome!  Or perhaps, it would be like the Penglai Celestial Land in those video games, with clouds and mist surrounding it.  She is so curious!


Yao Yue-ah… It totally sounds like a great place.


But for now, she has other things she has to participate to.


“I already understand the general gist of the history, let’s talk about something else now.  When will the envoys from Chi Lian leave?”  As long as they don’t leave, Feng Tian Qing will not come back.


“En…. Should be tomorrow.  Tonight, the emperor will arrange a feast in the main hall to entertain the envoys.  There will also be the riddles from the envoys.  Usually, after the palace banquet, they will all leave.”


Palace banquet?  Qin Yu can suddenly envision a spread of sumptuous feasts before her eyes while a group of palace maids dances in front. It sounds so tempting.


But… the banquet is for other people to enjoy, is there a way for her join the fun? After she arrived here, she never gets to see Feng Tian Qing, the her who does not possess any position right now cannot simply parade herself ostentatiously in this precarious imperial palace, she must guard her life tightly ah.


“Will the second prince come home today?”  She wants to seize the opportunity to ask Feng Tian Qing to take her with him, then she can attend the banquet in peace.


“I suppose he will.  The banquet tonight require all princes to enter the hall using their official robes.  The second prince ought to come home to change his clothing.”


“What time will he come home?”


“That- we servants do not know.”


Don’t know?  That’s okay.  She’ll just wait for him in his chamber.




Translator’s Note: Am I sensing a new male love interest here?  The Yao Yue King??  *O*


  1. thanks!
    yao yue king as posible love interest?! that’d be interesting! that’s right, he is young, after all! lol, she’s just going to wait for him there, huh?


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