Disgraced Consort – Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Unexpected Meeting


“I will send Miss home, then.”


After he said that, he glanced at the hectic Tai Yuan Building in front, where fights ensued.  Right after that, he grabbed Xi Yan by the sleeves.


Before she realized it, she was already hovering on air, with winds blowing in her ears.


So even people can fly?


With every step, he was actually landing lightly on the tiles of the roof, but to Xi Yan, it was no different than flying.


Even though she slightly panicked in the beginning, she grew used to it over time and actually thought it was pleasant.  The feeling of flying was truly wonderful.


But after half-tea time, he lowered her down on a small alley, saying, “This is the city’s eastern part.  Miss should be able to get home from here.”


Xi Yan recognized this place, it wasn’t far from her family’s residence.  The Nalan’s residence was right on the other side of those prominent red walls.  But she cannot divulge that info.


“Thank you, gongzi.  I can already recognize the way after troubling gongzi to send me home.”    She formally thanked him and diverted her eyes to the ground, waiting for him to leave.


“It was not a big deal.  I also live around here.”  The voice underneath the mask suddenly had traces of laughter in it.  He bowed and turn towards the entrance of the alley.


Xi Yan stayed in her spot, waiting until the sound of his footsteps got farther.


Other than the two lanterns on either sides of the alley that provides light, this entire alley, or rather the entire eastern part of the city was quiet.


So quiet as though the massacre in Tai Yuan Building did not happened.  Tan Xun City is still as peaceful as ever.


Especially in the eastern part of the city, the part closest to the Imperial Palace, as well as the area where the nobles lived.  Other than the sound of the night watch at night, it will be in complete silence.


The headgear and mask she wore were no longer there, if she go back to the residence like this, the servants in charge of guarding the gate will definitely alert the people inside.


But she must hastily go back now.  The day was ending and when the time comes, her nanny will go to her bedroom to watch over her, and she will definitely not hide anything from Mother.


Let it be.  The worst would be admitting to her own faults.  She trust her father would never punish her.


She quickly ran over to the king’s residence, passing the tall walls until she reached the side gate.  The moment she arrived at the gate, she saw Biluo standing there anxiously.  That brat, she actually arrived faster than she does.


“Princess!”  Biluo whispered softly.  Xi Yan ran up to her and shushed her.  Biluo looked a little taken aback upon a look at her.  After all, she just came from a garbage site, how else could she have possibly looked?


“Princess, I searched for you high and low, where exactly have you been?”  They got separated amongst the crowd.  She tried so hard to look for the princess.  She was concerned that princess wanted to go home but was not able to enter the gate.  Using the Spring Festival as an excuse, she sent the servant guarding the gate a jar of wine, one that was spiked.  Before long, the servant was not able to hold it in and asked her to guard the gate for him before he ran off to the toilet.


If she did not did that, it would’ve been hard to cover their lies.


“Let’s not talk about all this for now.  Did you get caught by anyone?”


“No.  Wangye has not come back as well.  But Young Miss Mu came, this servant let her wait for you.  If you had come any later, we really would not be able to cover this up.”


“That’s great.  Then, I’d walk behind the building, change my clothes and meet her.”


Biluo made an agreeing sound and took Xi Yan into the residence.


The guard guarding the gate should be here by now, he had taken quite a while.  Since it was the Spring Festival, there was only one person guarding the gate, if this were any other day, they would’ve been discovered.


Outside the side gate, a shadow stood in an alley, his pair of eyes staring at Xi Yan’s disappearing back.  Nobody could tell what his expression was behind the mask.  All that could be seen were the six white figures standing behind him.



Translator’s Note: I am getting my tenses mixed up.  Sorry!  I will try to fix my tenses in the previous chapters once I have the time!  When you see king, it refers to her grandfather Xiang Wang, not the emperor.


襄王 (Xiang Wang) – King Xiang/Xiang Wang

郡主 (junzhu) – Princess (the way Biluo addressed her.)

公子 (gongzi) – son of a noble family/the polite way to address a man I guess





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