Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 5 [S]




Translator’s Note:  This is a double update.  Read chapter 4 first.


Chapter 5

Envoys from Chi Lian!



Since she has just arrived, improving relations between the people is a must.  The person she needs to maintain good relationship with the most is none other than the first person she saw here, the second prince!  The person is handsome, his position is high too, Xiu Er (one of the two maids.  The other one is Zi Er) said that the second prince is the most likely candidate to be the crown prince.  Is this not good-relationship worthy?  Not only that, he took her in even though her background is vague, he can already be considered her benefactor.  She is someone who had intruded the palace, had she been discover by other people, her head would no longer be connected to her body!



She gave so many excuses, but her biggest purpose is she wants to meet handsome guy.  She had never seen such a handsome guy in the modern era, but now, she time-travelled and met one, might as well ogle to her hearts content!  But she did not have her wish fulfilled.  She has no idea why, but these past 3-4 days, she didn’t get to see Feng Tian Qing, not even his shadows.  She asked Xiu Er and Xiu Er said, “A foreign envoys has been visiting the palace these past few days.   The second prince has been ordered by the emperor to entertain the guests, so this couple of days, the second prince has been living there.


If the first impression she got from him is correct, Feng Tian Qing did not seem like the kind of person who would entertain others.  From what she sees, he is the lofty, selfish and cool type.  Just like how he restrained her that day.  After she thinks about it, she really is unconvinced.


“Xiu Er, who are the envoys?  Which country did they come from?”


Xiu Er is a pretty and delicate-looking girl, just 18 years of age, younger than Qin Yu by a year but look a lot older than her, probably because of the pressure in the palace.  Zi Er on the other hand is the quiet introverted type, only 17 years old.  Xiu Er said Zi Er has just started working in the palace and is not used to the life yet.


If you ask her question, her answer would be short, so Qin Yu naturally turn to the smart Xiu Er if she has things she wants to know.


“They are from Qing Feng Wang Dynasty’s north, a neigboring country.  They are envoys from Chi Lian.”


“What are they coming here for?” This sounds like the plot of a time-travel novel.  Do they come here to fight?  Or things like peace talk?


“It’s for cultural exchange.” Zi Er answered.


“Cultural exchange?”


Xiu Er noticed that Lan Qin Yu did not seem to understand the matter well, so she carefully explained.  “Chi Lian country is not the same as the other warrior countries that borders us.  They are a small country that put importance to cultural exchange.  They are interested in powerful country’s knowledge, like Qing Feng Wang Dynasty’s extensive spiritual knowledge.  Honestly, that was merely the good front, people from Chi Lian likes to compare their knowledge with other people and takes pride in being superior.  So everytime the envoys visited our country for cultural exchange, they always prepared difficult question for us.  They want our country to acknowledge their wisdom.”



Translator’s Note: This was sponsored by Lyly Pham!  Enjoy!



  1. I love double update!!! But it is still too short! I wonder if she will represent second prince n even influence his thinking. Especially on marriage and the inner palace. The writer didn’t even mention how many concubine he already has.


  2. thanks!
    oh, the maids seem pretty nice! that’s good! i hope they don’t bully her or anything, not that they can beat her…from my judgment! hm— questions? you think you can beat a modern person?! kekeke!


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