Favored Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 4 [S]


Chapter 4

He is a Prince!



“This, that, I have never been to a place like the Imperial Palace, let me sightsee for now.” This is a rare opportunity, of course she must not waste it.


“Do you honestly believe you can roam around the Imperial Palace as you like?  Hmph.”


Now that she think for a moment, he has a point.  This is the palace, not her neighbor’s house.  How can she just walk around as she please.


But isn’t he the second prince?  Such a high position, it will be a pity if it’s not put to use!  A divine light started shining from her head, her mind plotting.


Qin Yu forced a laugh, “Then why don’t you take me under your wings?  Becoming a palace maid or something is good for me!”


If so, doesn’t that mean she can travel around the Imperial Palace freely?  She is so smart!  Indeed the person who gets to attend college!  (This is somewhat unconvincing……)


Feng Tian Qing froze speechlessly at where he is at, not expecting her to be so forward!


Palace maid?  Such an undisciplined woman, Feng Tian Qing doubt she can be one!  But, seeing such a person who speak and wear weird things are rare for him, if he let her leave, wouldn’t that mean he is going to lose his source of entertainment?


“Then you can just be my personal maid.” If she remains by his side, chances for her to wreak havoc is low.



Success!  Oh yeah!  Lan Qin Yu secretly cheered inside, she didn’t really think much,  after all, the lives of female lead who time travelled were all surprisingly good, the development is smooth as well.


“What is your name?”


“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!  My name is Lan Qin Yu!”


“Qin Yu?  Your name sounds nice.”  Just the person itself is a little weird, the temper is short as well.  Those thoughts are naturally kept inside by him.


Because he did not say them out loud, Lan Qin Yu spent those moments thinking about how nice the handsome guy is…..


While they chatted, the sky outside had started to turn bright.


“Xiao De Zi,” Feng Tian Qing summoned a eunuch, ordering him to prepare Lan Qin Yu a room.


Xiao De Zi look at Lan Qin Yu before bowing his head to the floor, his ears turning red.   She guessed he was scared after seeing her clothes.   These kind of clothes are too provocative to the ancient people, even a eunuch blushes upon seeing her.  She has sinned!  A sin!


Feng Tian Qing arranged a room for Qin Yu, one that is close to his palace, separated by only two rooms.  He even arranged two maids to wait on her.


Didn’t he told he was going to make her his personal maid?  Why did he gave her two maids?  Not only that, did all personal maids gets to have their own room?  Either Feng Tian Qing have problems in his head, or this dynasty is too prosperous that even maids get to have such a good treatment.


Anyway, Lan Qin Yu has nothing to complain about.  She changed her clothes into one that was given by the maids and stare at the mirror.  So beautiful ah.


This is a genuine ancient clothes, unlike those fakes worn by opera troops.  There is also that hairstyles arranged by one of the maids, like the ones ancient women has, the more she looks the prettier it becomes.


Arriving in this place and meeting that ‘spendthrift’ is truly her good fortune!


  1. thanks—!
    oh oh—! lol, he is interested in her, hahaha! lim thinking bad things about her though, ahaha! well now, his personal maid..? hm…?


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