The Favoured Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

He is a Prince!



“Let go! Until when are you going to grab me?  I don’t even know you, why would I kill you?  Just think about it, how is a weak woman like me supposed to kill a huge man like you?”  The man itself is handsome, but his actions are too rash, he really is ungentlemanly.  Her arms that are grabbed by him is turning blue, her thin fragile arms-ah!


The man pondered for a while and release Qin Yu’s arms before he lit a candle up.


The chamber immediately lit up.  It couldn’t possibly be any brighter, her mouth watered at the scene.  The guy is too handsome, movie stars are nothing compared to him.  Such an injustice from heaven.  Too unfair!  Why haven’t she seen such a handsome guy back in the past?  Her life was wasted for nothing.
“Speak!  Who are you and what are you doing in the Imperial Palace?” the man eyed Qin Yu from top to bottom, causing her to be embarrassed a little.  This is the first time she is looked at by such a handsome guy.  She blushes.


“What about you?  Who are you?” It’s rare for her to see such a handsome man, better ask his name first.


“Feng Tian Qing.”


“What do you do for a living?” En, handsome guy is indeed a handsome guy.  Even his name has characters!


“You have never heard of this king’s name?”  the man’s eyes narrowed dangerously, as though he took offense of people not knowing his existence.


I have only arrived in this place, how am I supposed to know who you are!  Seriously!  But he lives in the palace and have such an attitude, his position must be high, don’t tell me this is actually the emperor?  Just now he addressed himself as ‘this king.’


“I’m sorry.  I am a person with little knowledge, so I’ve never heard of your name.”


“Qing Feng Wang’s Dynasty’s second prince, Feng Tian Qing, you actually never heard of me!” Where did this country bumpkin comes from!


He no longer seem to have the previous precautions as he sat down and get himself a cup of tea.


Second prince?  This guy’s position can be considered pretty high.  Even though he can’t be compared to an emperor, but he could probably become one in the future.  His future prospect is good!


Tea?  How could she resist one?  Qin Yu also sit and takes a cup.  After one drink, she inwardly praises the scent of the tea.  Even though she can’t tell what type of tea it is, she knows it must be really expensive.  After all, it was drank by the second prince!  Must be one of those tributes thing.


Feng Tian Qing examined her clothing with a frown, it looks so weird.


“You’re not an assassin?”


“I am not interested in such a thing.”  Assassin?  That is a profession that requires you to take other people’s lives.  Only ghosts will be one!  Let’s not talk about killing people, what’s more important is she herself could be killed any time!  People like her are definitely the type that will get killed by others!


“Then, don’t tell me you are actually here to seduce this king,” Feng Tian Qing ambiguously lift Qin Yu’s chin, in his eyes are hints of smile.


“Pu—-“ the tea in Qin Yu’s mouth was inelegantly sprayed out.


“S-seduce?”  what an international-level of joke!


Lan Qin Yu look down at her own clothes, oh right!  Even though this is a different dimension, it is still the ancient times here!  How could she forgot this part!


It’s summer so  when she visited the Imperial Palace, she wore short-sleeved shirt and jeans.  No wonder he used such a weird expression when he looked at her, this kind of clothing is probably the only one of it’s kind in the ancient times.


People probably would’ve thought she walked around wearing her undergarments!


She does not know if it was because she had arrived in an ancient dynasty or because of Feng Tian Qing’s burning glance, she feels so uncomfortable as though she really went out while wearing only underwear!


“He He, this— Second prince right?  Excuse me but can you please stop staring at me like that?  Even though being looked at by a handsome guy is an honor, but please remember your place, OK?”  Qin Yu speaks while having no clear distinction between ancient and modern language.  “Even though this young lady love to admire handsome guys, but I still haven’t reach the extent of seducing people yet.”  Such a thing that can ruin my image, how could I possibly do it.  (Who knows~)


“Then what did you come here for?” Feng Tian Qing eyes Qin Yu in a trance with a curious smile on his face.


He is probing this much probably because this is his territory.  A woman just appeared out of thin air, so he grew an interest on her.  This is a normal behaviour.  Always came out in novels!


“Why are you asking me that~  I also have no idea, I don’t remember how I got here.  But I definitely am not an assassin.  This second prince also saw how I am first-hand.  I am definitely not an assassin right?  Right?  So you should just take it as I never came today, OK?  I’m sorry for interrupting your nap time, I’ll withdraw first.”


Playing dumb is the number one rule in fights on the ancient time.  Must play dumb, must not be a know-it-all.  This is a wisdom saying ah!


“Where are you going to go to?”



Translator’s Note: There will be mistakes.  I’ll fix them tomorrow.


  1. thanks—-!
    woooo! lol interesting that she is in her own self! that’s pretty rare, huh! lol, the guy’s interested in her now—! tian qing and qin yu…ok…i shall try to remember those names!


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