Xiao Qi, Wait – Chapter 9


Chapter 9

The restaurant owner hastily entered the restaurant with a huge smile and arranged the stool for  Song Liang Zhuo to sit.  Song Liang Zhuo smilingly said, “Why are the restaurant still busy this late at night?”


“Ah, we’re preparing the chicken for tomorrow,” the boss replied with a smile.


The owner’s wife poured water for Song Liang Zhuo, before she kindly hand it to him with a beam on her face, “Drink water, Magistrate Sir.”


Song Liang Zhuo accepted it and took two gulp of water before he said, with an edge on his voice, “It’s late, we should all go home.  You two have been busy with the restaurant, you should rest early.”


“Yes!  Yes!  Be careful on the road, Magistrate Song!” the owners said with a grin.


Song Liang Zhuo got up, eyes glancing at the unmoving Xiao Qi, “What’s wrong?  Xiao Qi still wants to sit for a moment?”


“Huh, so Magistrate Song is familiar with this young lady.  That’s good, just now I heard this lady said she was lost.  With Magistrate Song with her, I am relieved.”


Xiao Qi got up with a grumble, just as she head to the door, she remembered Ha Pi.  She opened her mouth and called for him and before long a white shadow ran towards her from the yard.  Xiao Qi bends down and took him.  Seeing traces of blood in Ha Pi’s mouth causes her to step backward in surprise.  Song Liang Zhuo supported the unstable Xiao Qi with his hands, before focusing on the blood on Ha Pi’s mouth while frowning.


“Ah, must’ve gotten dirty after eating the chicken in the yard.  This small dog is so endearing, look at how happy he is after eating,” the owner explained with a smile.


Xiao Qi said, “Song Liang Zhuo, please hold him for me.”


The corner of Song Liang Zhuo’s lips tightened, but in the end, after contemplating, bend down and carry the dog.


Song Liang Zhuo nodded towards the owners before he heads out of the restaurant, Xiao Qi’s beloved Ha Pi in his embrace.  The owner couples hurriedly send them off.  Lu Liu noticed that Song Liang Zhuo did not seem angry, so she sighed in relief.  She dig out money to pay for the bowls they ate, but the couple adamantly refused to accept their money.   Lu Liu noticed Xiao Qi and Song Liang Zhuo had walked far, so she immediately put the money on the owner’s wife’s palm and ran away.


Lu Liu followed Xiao Qi and Song Liang Zhuo from behind, not too far yet not too close either.


“Magistrate Song, if you carry Ha Pi like that, his tummy will hurt.”


Song Liang Zhuo glanced at her before handing over Ha Pi to her.  Xiao Qi, wrinkled her nose, “He has so much blood on his mouth, even on his feet.”


Song Liang Zhuo slowly retract his hand.


“Magistrate Song,” Xiao Qi noticed that Ha Pi no longer whined so she direct her eyes to Song Liang Zhuo, “why did you come out?  I was just about to go home!”


“How are you going to go home?  Aren’t you scared the door will be closed?”


“I can just jump ov-“ Xiao Qi glanced at Song Liang Zhuo before she changed her words, “I could always knock!”


Song Liang Zhuo nodded before he gazed at Xiao Qi for a moment and says in a low tone, “Were Xiao Qi mistreated in the residence?”


Qian Xiao Qi pursed her lips, before she shook her head, “No.  Magistrate Song better repair the dam soon so I can go home.”


“Then you are indeed wronged.”


Qian Xiao Qi made a sound but did not reply.


“Was the amount of food insufficient?”


Xiao Qi blinked, “Where is Ruo Shui Jiejie?”


“She’s asleep.”




The two did not say anything anymore as they slowly made their way back to Song Residence.


Song Liang Zhuo also did not bring up the matter of Xiao Qi silently sneaking out.  He put down Ha Pi on the ground after arriving in the courtyard.  Xiao Qi glanced at Ha Pi and said, “I’ll go and bathe Ha Pi first.  Don’t complain, or would you like me to pay?”


Song Liang Zhuo retorted, “I am not poor to the point where I can’t care for my wife and a little dog.”


“Oh.” Xiao Qi coaxed Ha Pi to go to the kitchen before she stopped in her step and turn around, “The bedroom is mine now, okay?  I am not sleeping on the table anymore.”


Song Liang Zhuo watches Xiao Qi coaxing Ha Pi out of the courtyard, unaware of the smile on his own face, before he heads towards the bedroom.


Lu Liu add warm water, helping Xiao Qi get Ha Pi to soak inside the tub.


“Young Miss, I’m afraid he won’t be clean enough.  There isn’t any perfume oil.”  Lu Liu touches Ha Pi’s fur a little awkwardly.


“Continue cleaning his fur,” Xiao Qi uses a little force as she cleaned his fur, “Use more strength when you twist his fur.”


“Young miss, unless we pull out his hair, he will never be truly clean.”


“Do you think he will still smell of blood?”


“I have no idea,” Lu Liu place Ha Pi on a stool and dry his fur with a cloth, “Young Miss, Ha Pi here has always been looked over by Zi Teng, I really don’t know how to handle him. Why don’t we send him back?  He’s only been with us for a short while and we’ve already turned him into a stray dog.”


“I also think the same thing.  Let’s wait for two more days.  At least I have something to keep me company at night for the next two days.”


“What about guye?” Lu Liu wrinkled her eyebrow.


“Let me tell you this, me and that Magistrate Song has nothing to do with each other.  I will be able to go home soon.”  Xiao Qi wrinkled her nose at Lu Liu, “I forbid you from telling my Qian old man!”


“Then Young Miss is handing over guye to that Miss Ruo Shui with your own hand?  Not good, this is not good!  I will tell Madam!”


“You dare!” Qian Xiao Qi jumped in front of Lu Liu.  “If you do, I shall not speak to you anymore.  You also don’t have to serve me.  You can go home and serve second eldest sister!”




“Then you must not tell anyone.”


Lu Liu no longer says anything in retort.


Xiao Qi pull Lu Liu’s cheek before she laughingly says, “Lu Liu, see it this way.  In here, we ate inadequately, play miserably, isn’t it a lot better in my maiden house?  When the time comes, I shall find you another better guye, who will allow us to play and eat as we please.  One who will also let Ha Pi eat to his contentment!”


Guye is also nice,” Lu Liu wrinkled her eyebrow.


Xiao Qi glared at her, “Don’t why don’t you marry him instead?”


Lu Liu blushed, “Young Miss is speaking nonsense.”


“I don’t care.  I really don’t want to stay here any longer.”  Xiao Qi looked a little sad.  She sighed, “I just want to go home.  Lu Liu, is it bad for us to go home?”


Lu Liu replied, “It was not easy for Young Miss to marry him, to simply throw it away like this, even if you don’t care, I care on your behalf!”


Qian Xiao Qi lifts Ha Pi and said, “Lu Liu, I really don’t remember the past.  Besides, I dislike unfaithful men.  Let me find a better man in the future, if I stay here, I will only get bullied for the rest of my life.”


Lu Liu curled her lips and said, “Young Miss did not see this through, guye is not that kind of person.”


Xiao Qi pouted and leave with Ha Pi in her embrace.


Song Liang Zhuo sat beside a table while drinking tea, watching Xiao Qi who entered with a frown on her face.


Xiao Qi who was holding Ha Pi looked alert as she said, “Magistrate Song did not held onto his promise.  I will not sleep with you, I will sleep with Ha Pi.”


“You will let him sleep on the bed?”


Xiao Qi raised her chin and said, “He has always slept on a bed.”


“It’s not good for your health.”


“None of your business,” Xiao Qi hugged Ha Pi and walked past the table Song Liang Zhuo sat at, and stopped at the side of the bed.  She still need to clean his fur a little bit more before releasing him.  Ha Pu chased it’s own tail happily, before he curls up in a ball obediently.


Xiao Qi opens the quilt that Song Liang Zhuo brought and said, “You should go to sleep.  I need to sleep as well.”


“Xiao Qi, from now on, you must not go out at night,” Song Liang Zhuo faintly but sternly said, “If you are hungry, you can ask the kitchen for supper.”


Xiao Qi let out a ‘En’ sound, “I got it.”


“You must not jump over the walls as well.”


Xiao Qi felt a little angry, she blinked before she let out another ‘en’.


Song Liang Zhuo saw her deliberately spreading her body as to take over all parts of the bed, he laughed a little and said, “Alright, sleep.  Is it not uncomfortable that way?”


Xiao Qi crooked her head and look at him, “What about you?”


“I’ll sleep in the outer room.”


“Why don’t you sleep in the study?”


“It will not look good if it’s spread out.”


Won’t look good in what way?  Xiao Qi muttered under her breath.  But she did not say anything anymore.  She’s good as long as he’s not sleeping next to her.


Song Liang Zhuo lay down in a small couch in the outer room, the light in the lamp extinguished.  He smiled before he lightly sighed and close his eyes.


She truly was a young maiden.  Only 17 years old.  Before this, she was always waiting in the big gate of the government office with food container in her hands.  When he first met her, she had that foolish stunned look on her face.  Her brows were wrinkled and her two cheeks were red.  At first he thought she was the daughter of a farmer family who went there to complain, but who would’ve thought she was actually a brave young lady who valiantly pursued him.


Song Liang Zhuo suddenly remembered Zi Xiao who was inside the harem now.  Don’t know if she was a favoured consort by now.  Did she regret her choice?


People-ah, they tend to overthink.





Translator’s Note :

姑爷 (guye) : was Lu Liu’s way of addressing Song Liang Zhuo, who was his young miss’ husband.

I decided to pick up this novel after a request.  You can read the synopsis and find the chapters here.

Anyway, I am so pissed off at Lu Liu at this chapter!  What ‘kind’ man?!  He hit Xiao Qi for goodness sake!  He was the reason she had an amnesia on the first place!  If Xiao Qi followed Lu Liu’s advice and forgive him easily and did not give him a hard time, I am going to drop this novel.  smh!

And I accidentally mistyped Ha Pi’s name as Happy so many time haha


  1. Zi Xiao is probably the girl he actually likes who chose to be concubine rather to marry him i.e for love. SMH. Song Liang Zhuo seriously has his head up his own ass. Seriously. If you like somebody else wtf are you doing marrying Xiao Qi? What in the Hell are you contemplating about in such a late juncture?!?

    Liked by 1 person

    • @indomnianoodles He married Xiao Qi because of her father’s wealth. He is so poor and needs much money to build something (I forgot). Anyway, all in all, he is so selfish and indecisive or maybe he’s just simply calculative? But, the bottom line is that he definitely has a bad temper. How could he did that to Xiao Qi! It just irritates me to no end! Now, I just want to see how he’s gonna grovel, beg and fight for Xiao Qi’s forgiveness/affection.

      @serene Thank you so much for picking up this novel. I have been waiting since forever. I hope you have a scheduled update for this? (Hoping for a daily update LOL) Good luck! ^^

      Liked by 2 people

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