Xiao Hun Palace – Chapter 4


Chapter 4




Fang Zhun laughed in amusement, “You are too considerate.”


On one side, he was laughing, on the other side, he was coughing, really was pitiful.


If he was a girl, Hu Sha would’ve lift him with no further delay.  Unfortunately, even though he looked frail and delicate, he is still a man.  Hu Sha hesitate for a long time before she decided to give him a helping hand and let him lean on her while they walk.


“Y- You don’t have to be courteous to me!  We’re heading the same direction anyway!” she said that in a high, pompous manner, as though that can cover her embarrassment.


“I’ll have to trouble you then, Hu Sha.”  The warm breathing from his lips hits her hair, warm to the point where it tickles.  Hu Sha can’t help but to blush.


Because her father is a Fire Taoist Priest, she grew up with other small priests and was the only girl.  Her parents dote on her a lot, they always felt that since she was young, there was no need to teach her about the restriction between men and women.  She was different from other girls in that part.  She has always been open towards other boys and have no restriction whatsoever, but somehow, in front of this gentle and spring-breeze-like boy, she feels as though she has to restrain herself.


Why is this so?  She has no idea, herself.


“Oh right.  You asked me just now, if the trials in Qing Yuan Mountain is hard.  I think, it depends on the person,” Fang Zhun says lightly, “It doesn’t matter how capable you are or how many demons you have exterminated, what truly matters is your heart.”


After he said that, Hu Sha repeated every word he said.  “Capability….. Exterminate demons….. what else? Fang Zhun, can you repeat what you just said?  I couldn’t memorize them.”


He laughed and mutter something under his breath.  What it is that he said, Hu Sha have no idea.


Hu Sha ask, “What did you said?  Anyway, Fang Zhun, you really knows a lot of things.  I think you will definitely pass the trials!”


Fang Zhun shake his head while smiling, before pointing towards their front, “Hu Sha, we have arrived.”


Hu Sha look up and realized that after 5 steps, the mountain route will end, what wait for them in front is actually a deep abyss, a misty sea of clouds.  Floating above the ten thousand feet deep chasm are numerous giant white jade stones.  The blocks are piling everywhere, connected above the abyss until it reach the other side of the mountain where a huge watch towers was built on top of the cliff.


“Is that the main gate?” Hu Sha stared at the strange scenery in front of her in bewilderment.  She really is scared deep inside.  But what she felt more than fear was excitement.  “But didn’t they say the immortals lives in a snow covered peak? This place isn’t cold at all.”


Not only is it not cold, there are even greens everywhere.  There isn’t a snow particle in sight.


“We’re not even half up the mountain, of course there’s no snow.”  Fang Zhun lightly pat her shoulder.  “I’m fine now.  Thank you, Hu Sha.  I can walk on my own.”


Hu Sha retreat two steps, her head directed at the white jade stone blocks and turn around again to look at Fang Zhun’s lean body.  He looks like he can be blown away by the mountain’s wind anytime soon.  She grits her teeth, “It’s okay, you can come with me.  Just hold my sleeves tight, I’ll make sure I won’t drop you!”


Fang Zhun nods, and grab her sleeve.  Hu Sha carefully treads on the stone block and uses her feet to test their hardness.  It seems solid enough, just it is a little narrow.  One wrong move and you’re going to fall.


No other way, there’s no turning back now.  She pretend as though she’s walking on level ground and just as she makes progress, she suddenly regrets everything half-death.  Just the blowing of the wind alone makes her feel as though she is going to fall.


Her hand suddenly feels warm.  Fang Zhun’s hand grasp hers, his finger cold while his palm warm.


“Don’t be afraid.  You will not fall, continue walking.”


Hu Sha have no idea why, but there is no longer fear within her.  She steadily walk past the pathway and before long, the watchtowers are now right in front of her eyes.


They call it ‘The Main Gate’, though there really isn’t any gate.  There are only two huge white jade pillars, above it is a plat with a dragon in a whirling dance.  Inside it is a magnificent hall, gorgeous and grand.  In front of the gate, there lies a huge platform where a lot of people are occupying at the moment.  Those people are probably trying to be an apprentice too.


“Hu Sha, thanks to you, we’ve safely went past that abyss,” Fang Zhun’s appreciative eyes look at her, as though successfully arriving at the gate was truly her credit.


Hu Sha’s face reddens as she fiddles with her hair, “Ha Ha Ha, a-as long as we arrive safely!”


“The main gate is just right there, go.”


Hu Sha asked in confusion, “Don’t we have to queue?  There are so many people!”


Fang Zhun softly smile, “Those are the people who did not pass the test and are not willing to leave.  Let’s go.”


Hu Sha hesitantly makes her way until she reaches the two pillars, and Fang Zhun was right, nobody tried to stop her.  But a lot of them eye her, some hopeful, some proud, while some in envy.


A couple of men and women stands under the two pillars, looking proud and lofty while wearing black and white clothing.  After Hu Sha came over, a middle aged woman look up to the sky and said, “The day is getting late.  That young lady will be our last candidate.”


After she said that, she clap her hands and a couple of disciples behind her promptly opens a huge scroll.  There is nothing inside.


That middle aged woman then say, “This universe yin yang chart was made 3 days ago.  Should you see anything inside, write it down for me.  If you have the destiny to become a celestial, you will naturally be able to see past the obscurity.”


She then gave Hu Sha a brush and a piece of paper.


Hu Sha hastily said, “Please wait a moment.  There is still another person.  We climbed the mountain together.  She turns around to face Fang Zhun, but to her surprise he was no longer there.  She was stumped for a moment, where had he ran off to?


That woman shake her head, “You are the last candidate.  If there is still another, please ask him to come again tomorrow.  You can start now.”


In great reluctance, Hu Sha trained her gaze back to the scroll in front.


What universe yin yang chart?  It’s clearly a blank piece of paper!  Even celestials like to toy with people!  But still, being careful would do her better.  She carefully studies the scroll, even got up for closer inspection, the only thing left for her to do is to glue her nose to the scroll!  She gave it an up, down and side-ways glances but even a black dot can’t be spotted.


Hu Sha lean down and write to her own paper these words: A piece of blank paper.  After that, she handed it over to the lady-in-charge.  The lady studied her answer and asked, “Are you sure?   Would you like to change your answer?”


Hu Sha shake her head lightly.


That lady smiled with warmth in her face, “Alright, little girl, what is your name?  Where are you from?  How old are you this year?”


“My name is Hu Sha.  I will be 15 this year.  I am from— from— from Jia Xing!”


That lady asked in confusion, “Jia Xing?  Where is that place?”


Hu Sha softly replies her, “A place very very far away.”


That lady still look a little doubtful but in the end still write down her name in a record book and says, “Alright, you have passed the first test.  You can pass the gate.  There will be more trials waiting for you inside.



Translator’s Note: Sorry for the super lateness, you guys!  I messed my schedule and when I do have free times, I spent them watching Zhu Xian XD


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