Favoured Intelligent Concubine – Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Time-travelling through sleep


“Who are you!” he hisses low.


He has a nice voice, but his manner of speaking is rude.  This young miss over here is not happy too, how dare you throw tantrum at me?  I still haven’t take everything you’ve done into consideration!


“What do you take me for?  You slept as though you were dead!  At least you know how to wake up now!” it was because the bed was too dark just now so she can’t take a good look at him.  But now, as he sat up, the lights from outside lands right on his face.  That opened her eyes!


So handsome!  Though his temper didn’t look too good, it makes him looks cool.  Now, she can finally see what a truly handsome guy is!  Coming to this trip is worth all the trouble!


“Impudent!  Trespassing the Imperial Palace, do you know what the punishment will be?”


Lan Qin Yu is still busy admiring the sight of a handsome guy.  When she heard that she almost died from choking on her own saliva.


Huh?  What is handsome guy talking about?  Trespassing the Imperial Palace?


“So what are you gonna do?  Execute 3 generations of my clan?  Psycho!” Turns out, handsome guy’s head has a little problem.  What a pity.


“Do you know who I am?  How dare you be so presumptuous to me!” the guy suddenly moves closer to her and without warning, catch both her arms and secure them behind her.


“You bastard!  Let go!  It hurts!  Are you trying to kill people!”  She is only 19, still hasn’t fully enjoyed her life.  She still hasn’t visit China’s famous mountains and river, still hasn’t eaten enough things, she don’t wanna die!


“Who sent you here?  Tell me!  Are you here to assassinate me!”


“Assassinate?  Is there a problem with your head?” what century is this, who will openly assassinate people like this!  Also, can’t he see that her unarmed hands belong to a fragile, weak woman?  It hurts!  Don’t he realize he’s holding her too harsh?  Can’t he see the difference between their body sizes?


Something’s not right.  Why do this situation feels so familiar?


Her brain suddenly jumps into an unlikely conclusion.  Time travel?


“Handsome guy, can I ask you where this is?”


Upon hearing how she addressed him, the guy is taken aback a bit, before he answers, “The Imperial Palace.  Don’t act stupid with me!”


“Dog shit Imperial Palace, what I’m asking you is where we’re at!  What era!  What time!”


“Qing Feng Wang Dynasty, 24 years of new moon calendar.”  There is a flash of doubt on the guy’s face though his arms still twist Qin Yu’s arms tight.


Qing Feng Wang Dynasty?  What the hell is that?  New moon calendar?  Isn’t it supposed to be BC?  If not that, shouldn’t it be how many Kang Xi’s years or Guang Xu’s years?


She never heard of these terms!


Deep inside, Qin Yu experiences a mental breakdown.  Go slowly, looking from the situation, it seems like she truly time-travelled.


If she really time-travelled, then so be it.  Besides, it’s not really something new.  But still, how can she time-travelled through sleep?  Other people has to hang themselves, got hit by a car etc in order to travel through time.  She travelled so easily, it really makes her feel diffident.


But no matter how diffident she may be, it still cannot ease her worry.  This place is not in historical records, the things she learned in school is of no use here.


It seems that she has just time-travelled into an ancient dynasty in a different dimension just like those novels she read.




Translator’s Note: Chapter 2!  Double update today!


  1. The guy doesn’t know her, but she woke up in bed with him. That doesn’t sound right. Did she just travel through dimension and land next to the sleeping him? I would like to read more. The writing is also very good. Please don’t drop this project!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. well…some people could take some time to reach the time travel thing conclusion…
    But not for us! We would know what happened as fast as her!


  3. thank you—!
    ooh! ooh! very interesting, interesting! hm, she’s yoynger than the usual characters, her ‘original’ age, i mean! now, the guy looks interesting too! lol, he was taken aback that she called him ‘handsome guy’ ahahaha!


  4. please whoever it is, please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee continue to translate this very interestinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg novel


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